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Crazy Creek snowboards

Crazy Creek T2 Robot Boys Snowboard 138cm Review

Snowboarding is back again.  It has been a part of the World Olympics for a number of years and thanks to Jack Burchett, the...

Extreme Parkour

Parkour, also known as “free running”, has literally risen to the top of the extreme sports food chain. It is surprising because it was never...
Positiv Skateboards

Positiv Complete Skateboard Review

If you're new to the sport of skateboarding or are getting a skateboard for a beginner you might want to check out the complete...

Rock Climbing Training

Wouldn’t it be great if sports were just a case of picking up whatever gear you required and just hitting the field? Unfortunately (or for...
Atom Longboards

Atom Pintail Longboard Review

There's lots of fun to be had with the Atom Pintail Longboard!  This deck follows in the tradition of the classic skateboards and goes...
Smith Optics Snow Helmets

Smith Optics Variant Brim Snow Helmets Review

Smith Optics are leaders in the protective wear market and they’re the ‘go to’ for many amateurs and professionals alike. Smith Optics Variant Brim...

Extreme Mountain Biking

The extreme sport of mountain biking is comprised of many things.  For some, the thrill of riding just inches from deadly drop-offs is enough...

Extreme Sand Boarding

I’m sure you’ve heard of surfing. You’ve probably even heard of body boarding. But have you ever heard of sand boarding? Don’t worry, a...