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Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Blue Cruzer Longboard Review

In the world of skateboarding, there are as many variations and types of boards as there are individuals who use them.  One type of board that garners attention due to its unusual appearance is the longboard. Appearing to resemble a … Click to read the full article

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The PADI Divemaster Course – Have You Got What It Takes?

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is the world’s de facto diver training organization and was founded by Ralph Erickson and John Cronin in 1966. PADI currently boasts the largest recreational membership in the world with over 130,000 professional … Click to read the full article

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Meet the Latest Young BMX Star – Brooke Crain

Many extreme sports have a lack of gender diversity when it comes to professional competition. In the adrenaline-pumping sport of bicycle motocross, or BMX, male and female stereotypes on the track are being shattered. What has been considered a traditional … Click to read the full article

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DC Men’s Phase 2011 Snowboard Boots Review

The effects of a wintery climate on a snowboarder’s foot that is not properly protected can lead to frostbite and cause nerve damage.  It is critical that when you are out on the slope, you properly prepare for the climate … Click to read the full article

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Snowboarding in Whistler

Snowboarding is enjoyed by countless people from around the world. Several countries have various snowboarding venues and accommodations that allow locals to enjoy and partake in the experience in their own backyards, but there comes a time when the inner … Click to read the full article

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Extreme Storm Chasing Companies

I love all extreme sports! If I haven’t tried it yet, I will be trying it tomorrow and nothing is too crazy for me. Several years ago, I watched the movie Twister and I’m sure I’m like many of you … Click to read the full article

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Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard Review

Serious skateboarders know the importance of selecting a quality skateboard that can handle the everyday “grind” that they place on it.  Durability, craftsmanship and price are important not just to professionals but also for beginners.  Nobody appreciates paying the big … Click to read the full article

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Could There Be An Olympic Snowboarding Boycott?

There is frustration afoot in regards to a decision made by the FIS (International Ski Federation) last Friday to reject a proposal by TTR that calls for a joint-qualification system for the 2014 Olympic snowboarding events.  Many riders support the … Click to read the full article

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