Extreme Sports Holidays in New Zealand


With great terrains and evolving demographics, New Zealand stands out as one of the world’s best locations for holiday makers who like high adrenaline sporting events.  Whether you like individual sports, competing against both natural and man-made obstacles or against other participants, this is one of the best places to explore.  Here are some of the top extreme sports in New Zealand you may want to participate in, or just enjoy cheering on a friend or a loved one.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping also known as bungy jumping is arguably the most popular sport in New Zealand’s Queenstown.  The sport’s participants jump from thrill-seeking heights, literally over high bridges and cliffs with only an elastic cord attached to the ankle.  This media popularized action sport has several locations in New Zealand with at least three famous ones in Queenstown.  Kawarau Bridge for instance is one of the most preferred locations.  The 43 meter breathtaking jump is available to anyone brave enough and currently the price participants have to pay is NZ $150, which is the equivalent of US $125.

4X4 Off Road Driving

New Zealand is well known for its amazing off road rallies organized in most of its major towns.  Auckland, Arrowtown, Helensvile and Queenstown are some of the top cities to visit in New Zealand if you want to experience some jaw-dropping adventures.  Extreme sports mean extreme fun and this is something you are sure to have lots of whether you take part or watch as the 4WD heavy machines maneuver their way through the mad, natural as well as other man-made obstacles.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing tops the list of the most spectacular sports in New Zealand.  The sport has a long history having begun as a mountaineering art, where climbers would compete to reach mountain peaks.  They progressively developed better skills, techniques and safer tools fashioning rock climbing into a sport of its kind.  Although modern rock climbing is seen as a dangerous experience, the desire to take the challenge and experience the mind-blowing adventure makes many people passionate about it.  The South Island is home of the famous Southern Alps and Mount Cook and is one of the best locations for rock climbing.

Mountain Biking

New Zealand has some of the world’s best terrains for mountain biking.  The sport is also referred to as off road biking and has several categories to suit the preferences and skill levels of different participants.  Quite a number of people prefer the cross country type.  This is where you have an opportunity to ride over different stunning terrains.  The other awe-inspiring category is the downhill.  This type is more suited to skilled riders and it also requires the participants to wear safety gear for protection as they go down the dangerous cliffs.  You will need to be a well seasoned rider to take part in the sport.  The best places for off road biking in New Zealand include the Makara Peak Mountain bike park, Woodhill Forest, Karapoti Classic and Queen Charlotte Walkway among many others.

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