DC Men’s Phase 2011 Snowboard Boots Review


DC Mens Snowboard BootsThe effects of a wintery climate on a snowboarder’s foot that is not properly protected can lead to frostbite and cause nerve damage.  It is critical that when you are out on the slope, you properly prepare for the climate from head to all ten toes.  Wearing layers and ensuring the extremities are especially protected from the elements is vital.  A quality-made pair of snowboard boots are essential and can be worn in snowy climates as a way to kill the chill on and off the slope.

The DC Men’s 2011 snowboard boot is the DC Phase 2011. This boot takes into account design and functionality, providing durability and flexibility in a comfortable, fashionable sense. When you get out there and start shredding, friends will notice this awesome footwear and you can choose whether or not you want to share where they can pick up a pair. However, you probably want to share so your friends’ feet can be toasty and comfortable as well.


  • Low-profile rubber cupsole, providing extra protection
  • Moisture-resistant faux leather with polyurethane-coated mesh
  • Functional sole design
  • Standard shell lacing, making lacing up or down easy to manage
  • Delta liner
  • Medium flex, allowing flexibility while maintaining foot support (D.C. Rating 5/10)

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Pros and Cons of DC Men’s Phase 2011 Snowboard Boots

Perhaps the best part about the DC Men’s 2011 snowboard boot is the balanced rigidity/flexibility. The DC Phase 2011 is designed with an excellent middle-ground in mind, allowing your feet to move freely and easily while maintaining an overall structure that supports the foot and helps reduce the chance of sprains and cramps. This boot works well with most bindings and is very easy to navigate and grip. Shell lacing offers a quick and easy way to lace and de-lace (some prefer BOA lacing) on or off the course. Heel hold is good for an entry-level boot such as this, as is the support on the ankle.

Some complaints about the DC Phase 2011 include a lack of warmth compared to higher-end boots, but for its price range the Phase 2011 holds up quite nicely in this department. This can be countered by wearing a high-quality pair of snowboard socks. Toe clamping and pressure point issues have also been observed in this model as well. While this boot is more than plenty for your standard park, caution should be used when taking this boot into back-country areas as it becomes less effective in those elements.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

The DC Phase 2011 is an all-around great boot for anyone looking to pick up their first set of snowboarding boots to head out on the slope. Beginner and intermediate level riders will appreciate this basic free-styling boot for its flexibility and warmth at a price not much higher than a regular pair of shoes. When factoring in style, utility and price, this is a steal and as newer versions arrive, this boot will become even more attainable in terms of cost. If you’ve been considering snowboarding for the first time or are looking for an additional pair of boots, check out the bargain that is the DC Phase 2011.