Climb On! Crème Review


Climbing Cream ReviewWhen it comes to the outdoors, accidents are bound to happen. Whether it be scrapes, cuts, bruises or burns, injuries like these are inevitable if you enjoy an active lifestyle outside of the home. Having a solution to help ease the pain and speed the recovery of such injuries is important; a climbing cream works best when it comes to these situations. There are a variety of similar creams on the market that all aim to provide benefits for those who spend much of their leisure time outdoors. One of the most trusted creams for outdoor activities is Climb On Crème, which provides all-natural intensive skin repair to damaged areas of skin.

Climb On Crème is manufactured by Climb On! Products, a Texas-based company that produces a number of lotions, deodorants, sunscreens and balms for those who live life under the sun. This particular climbing cream is created with 100% natural and “productive” ingredients, meaning no fillers, parabens or additives. Available in stores and online, Climb On products have been garnering increased attention due to their reported effectiveness. Let us explore some basic facts about the cream and see what comes with each container.


  • Provides powerful protection from ice, wind, sun and rain
  • Can serve as before/after sun lotion, cuticle cream, make-up remover and moisturizer
  • Contains shea butter and organic aloe vera gel
  • Perfect for tender areas and issues that develop
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable

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Pros and Cons of Climb On! Crème

With the first application, you can feel the power of Climb On Crème as it deeply penetrates the skin, allowing for maximum moisturizing and repair. The shea butter and aloe vera gel lock moisture inside the skin in conjunction with Texas beeswax and other essential oils, which provide a soothing micro-climate for your skin. Professional bikers, climbers, runners and rock (climbing) stars all use this product as a way to protect their hands, face and other extremities while exposed to the elements. The price of this climbing cream is also very reasonable when compared to other high-end products that do not provide nearly as much all-around protection and healing power.

When it comes to the negatives of the Climb On Crème, there are a few minor issues. Some say that the thick coating leaves too much residue on the hands or face when used. The smell of the lotion is not bad but a rather unusual “natural” smell that reminds some of vegan-made products, so be prepared. All in all, these complaints are not deal-breakers, especially considering the amount of benefits this climbing cream offers.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

The Climb On Crème is an excellent addition to any extreme sports thrill seeker, as well as anyone who simply likes a good product. While the name suggests that it is a climbing cream, the versatility of this lotion to treat burns, cuts and dryness makes it a recommended part of any first-aid kit. Since the cost of this cream is so low ($10.99), consider buying one for home, one for travel and one for a friend. Nobody will fault you for it!

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