Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete Review

Loaded Longboard ReviewsOne of the hottest trends in skateboarding today is that of the Hawaiian-influenced design of longboards.  Longboards are just what they sound like – long skateboards that can range anywhere between 40 inches to upwards of 80 inches in length.  Longboards differ from traditional skateboards because they are designed to provide a comfortable ride and function more like surfboards or snowboards instead of a traditional skateboard you would take to the skate park to do tricks on.  Many people will use them for commuting, and the offerings from Loaded Longboards have become quite popular.

The Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete is a simple, yet elegant longboard designed for heavy carves that every rider will enjoy, whether they are new to riding longboards or are longboard veterans.


  • Deck: Bamboo
  • Trucks: Paris 180’s
  • Orangatang In Heat Purple Wheels 75mm/83a
  • Bearings: MAX Abec 5

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Pros and Cons of the Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete

The Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete features a bamboo deck that is very flexible, which makes it incredibly easy to pump as well as providing for a smooth and comfortable ride.  Loaded Longboards have been developing quite a good reputation for building nice boards, but you really have to spend some time on one in order to discover and understand what all the fuss about Loaded Longboards – especially the Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete – is all about.

While widely considered to be an incredibly stable board, where the Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete truly shines is in its incredible maneuverability.  Loaded Longboards by their nature have a long wheelbase and a low center of gravity which makes them stable, but the incredible flexibility of the Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete is what helps it be incredibly fast and maneuverable, allowing you to perform deep carves just by shifting your knees and ankles instead of having to put serious lean into your carves.  This also makes the Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete an incredibly good option if you are into sliding.

The biggest downside to the Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete is its high price point.  Starting at around $320, the Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete is far from an entry level priced board, however the same can be said for all of the offerings from Loaded Longboards.  However, Loaded Longboards have a tremendous reputation for making high quality decks, and the Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete is considered to be one of the best on the market.  Many fans of Loaded Longboards consider these decks to be worth every penny you pay and more.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

Because of the high price point, if you are just starting out the Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete may not be the right deck for you, and you should possibly consider a more entry level board until you get used to the differences between a longboard and a regular skateboard, as well as determine what your longboard riding style will be like.  If you do have experience with a longboard and are looking to invest in a good one, Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete is the Bentley of longboards and would make a great choice.  At the time of writing, this longboard could be found with 23% off the RRP on Amazon.

Loaded Longboards

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