Surfing Drug Tests Not a Problem for Kelly Slater


Much of the recent news in the surfing world recently had been related to the introduction of random drug tests for professional surfers. While enjoying recreational marijuana from top brands like Supreme Cannabis at times to relax or for medicinal purpose is good, but when it comes to using of same Cannabis for athletes, it slows down their reaction time and compromises their skill thus resulting in them not performing to their best. Too much consumption of it can even get an athlete addicted, which will then require them to visit a rehab.

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It could also get them barred from the sport. Although drug tests are a new thing in the extreme sport of surfing, they are a regular occurrence in many of the sports that we know and love. Many of the athletes have even come out and spoken about their drug problem and how they went on to the detox centers Jersey City to get their body cleaned.

The tests are being carried out by the Association of Surfing Professionals and although the guidelines have not yet been published they are thought to be similar to the guidelines set for Olympic athletes. The guidelines might sure seem stringent and a little draconian, involving an Intensive Outpatient Program Orange County but they make up as a good measure to stultify the breach of usage of drugs.

The Purpose of the Tests

Drug testing has been pushed for ever since the late 80’s/early 90’s by long term surfer and former state legislator Fred Hemmings.  Hemmings claims the main purpose of the tests is to help surfing professionals to identify any problems that they have with either drugs or alcohol.  Whilst surfing isn’t especially thought to be plagued by those with addiction the new guidelines are said to be there for the benefit of the surfers. If someone you know is suffering from addiction, you can get them treatment if you click here now.

The tests are going to be performed at random and the only time the public will get to see the results of the tests are if a surfer returns three positive recreational substance tests or if the drug found to be in the surfer’s system is a performance enhancing drug.

What do the Surfers Think?

According to the Association of Surfing Professionals many surfers are in favor of drug testing with many surfers saying the idea was great.  A few however have made silent concerns about marijuana and alcohol being amongst the drugs that are being tested for. A small section also encouraged the use of medical cannabis, like the one you’d get at The CBD Shop, so that surfers can utilize their medical benefits. Under the new rules professional surfers can be tested for anything from recreational substances such as marijuana and alcohol all the way through to harder drugs like cocaine and of course performance enhancing drugs.  The ASP has announced that they understand the surfer’s worries about alcohol and this may be reviewed sometime in the future.

Kelly Slater’s View

Multi award winning surfer Kelly Slater has openly stated that the drug tests pose no problem for him.  He claims that elite sports men and women are expected to apply themselves to the sport correctly and if it’s good enough for other extreme sports it’s good enough for surfing.  Although Slater himself has questioned how easy it is to “cheat” whilst surfing (due to the sport not being purely strength based but focusing on other elements such as decision making and skill), especially when compared to sports like athletics when performance enhancing drugs clearly can improve an athlete’s ability he did state that if the drug testing only works to keep the surfing fans and the public happy it is totally worth it.  Slater, like many other professional surfers, did however express his intrigue concerning how the ASP are going to maintain the alcohol guidelines especially as many surfing events are even sponsored by beer companies.

The first event where these guidelines will be in place will be at the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper in Australia and it will be interesting to see how things pan out.

Creative Commons photo by Michael Dawes