The Best Diving Schools in Ibiza


Ibiza is known for beautiful beaches, clean waters and a hearty club scene and nightlife, but what many do not consider when visiting this island is the array of diving opportunities that exist here.  The shallow, clear waters make it perfect for first-timers and experts alike, and with many certified diving schools in the area, you can always find someone willing to show you the ropes of the underwater beauty of diving.  It is important, however, to select your diving school carefully and after considering what you expect out of your diving experience.  We have outlined the best diving schools in Ibiza to consider when making your final selection.

diving schools in Ibiza

Phoenix Dive Center

Known as one of the best diving schools in Ibiza by locals, Phoenix Dive Center will take you on tours of over eighty dive sites, each presenting a new vantage point of a variety of underwater flora and fauna.  Courses offered here come in a range of difficulties – from first-timers to seasoned pros – you are sure to be able to find a guide and dive site that meets your specific needs and wants. With both shallow-water and deep-sea diving courses available, there is no reason to hesitate on contacting Phoenix. First-timers can experience a day of diving for less than 100 euros, while reservations can also be made for private tours in groups or one-on-one.

Arenal Diving Center

Located in San Antonio and PADI-certified to provide training and courses, the Arenal Diving Center is another favorite of locals that live on the western part of the island. The tours offered here take you on an interesting journey, with many offering tours of sunken ships and dives that give you direct access to all of the crazy-looking and unique animals and plants that dwell under the water in the Mediterranean. If you need equipment provided to you, the cost per dive can be as low as 45 euros, while guided tours run around 30 euros per person.

Ibiza Diving College

Also located in San Antonio, the Ibiza Diving College has ten dive sites strategically located across the entire western end of the island. Offering beginner, advanced and open water PADI courses, the Ibiza Diving College has something for everybody. You can even take classes on rescue diving and the PADI Dive Master course here (need appropriate prerequisite certifications). While diving, expect to see beautiful starfish, eels, and groups of all different kinds of fish, each playing a unique role in the ecosystem. Prices here are virtually the same as at the Arenal Diving Center.

Scuba Ibiza Diving Center

Recently acquired by a couple who previously owned a smaller diving center, the Scuba Ibiza Diving Center is a larger, more all-inclusive entity than it was before. Offering dive sites all across the coasts of Ibiza, you will be sure to find the perfect cove, inlet or deep sea spot to take a dive and experience the surroundings of nature that you desire. Exact pricing is not currently available due to the current merging of the two dive centers, but we are sure that if Yaqui and Paulo keep to their tradition, the experience will be both great and affordable.