Diamondback Nitrus 24 BMX Bike Review


Diamondback BMX BikesDiamondback BMX are well known for creating top of the line, high performance BMX bikes, and for years their bikes have dominated race tracks.  The Diamondback Nitrus 24 BMX Bike is no exception to the exceptional pedigree BMXers have come to expect from a Diamondback BMX bike.  The Diamondback Nitrus 24 BMX fits in remarkably well with the long tradition Diamondback BMX has for building great racing bikes and with positive reviews pouring in for this bike all over the web it’s not hard to see why.


  • 24 inch wheels
  • Aluminium frame
  • Race BMX bike
  • Frame size = 21.25 inches
  • 36 hole wheelset
  • Tektro Linear brakes
  • DB BMX padded saddle

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Pros and Cons of the Diamondback Nitrus 24 BMX Bike

The Diamondback Nitrus 24 BMX Bike is a high performance racing bike.  Despite the fact that it is considered to be a cruiser class bike, it is incredibly lightweight.  This is due to the aluminium frame with a fillet down tube gusset.  This not only allows it to be easy to transport thanks to the light frame, but it also enables it to be durable enough to handle jumps.  It is very fast and it handles quiet well.  Reviews of the bike on the web are overwhelmingly positive too which is always a good sign.

There are only a few drawbacks to the Diamondback Nitrus 24 BMX Bike.  The biggest complaint that the Diamondback Nitrus 24 BMX Bike gets is that the pedals should be changed as soon as you get a chance.  They are a lot like bear traps, and the Diamondback Nitrus 24 BMX Bike is not very forgiving if your feet slip off of them.  The other downside is that the bike does not come assembled, so make sure you either take a day when you first get it to make sure that you put everything together properly, or else take it to a shop to have it assembled professionally.  The other thing you will notice is that there is no kickstand on the bike, so you won’t be able to stand it up on its own, which is great for some uses and absolutely rubbish for others.  It can also take time to adjust the brake calliper.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

Overall, the Diamondback Nitrus 24 BMX Bike is a great bike that is very fast and has excellent handling on the track.  It is also reasonably priced (currently $285 on Amazon), so it won’t break your budget.  If you have never owned a BMX before, then this may not be the right bike for you, but if you ride daily then this bike could be the one you have been waiting for.  Diamondback are well known for their high quality BMX bikes and the Diamondback Nitrus 24 certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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