4/3mm Men’s Quiksilver Syncro Full Wetsuit Review


Quiksilver WetsuitsQuiksilver is a leading authority in the action sports industry; the company debuted over 40 years ago and has since grown into a world-wide powerhouse.  Although their headquarters is in Huntington Beach, California, they have offices in France, Australia, and Canada.  Additionally, it’s not just a one brand company anymore.  Quiksilver Inc. has expanded into a family of brand names like ROXY, DC, GNU and more.  Their products range from clothing to snowboards and they allow their customers to participate in numerous action sports like surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and more.  Today we will be reviewing the 4/3mm Men’s Quiksilver Syncro Full Wetsuit to see how it stands up against other Quiksilver wetsuits as well as other makes and models.


  • 55 degrees water temperature rating
  • 100% superstretch neoprene
  • Sealed seams that keep the cold water out
  • Anti-flush zipper gasket (hydroshield) to prevent cold water from entering zipper
  • Full length back zipper for getting in and out of the suit
  • Available in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit most body shapes (size table below)
  • One year warranty if bought from Amazon or another recommended stockist

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Quiksilver WetsuitsPros and Cons of the 4/3mm Men’s Quiksilver Syncro Full Wetsuit

Quiksilver wetsuitsThe 4/3mm Quiksilver Syncro Wetsuit has undergone a complete overhaul.  It is available in all sizes from small to large and extra large to triple extra large.  The wetsuit is made of “hyperstretch” and “freemax” neoprene, which makes it light in weight and non-restricting for any kind of movements and the seams are fully sealed to prevent any water from leaking in.

The 4/3mm Quiksilver Syncro Wetsuit comes complete with a back zipper that runs the full length of the suit so that you can get in and out of the wetsuit easily.  No more struggling to pull the wetsuits off when you want to get out of them.  The neckline has a closure that’s adjustable for individuals of all sizes, which also allows the users to feel more comfortable using these wetsuits.  Additionally, the zipper has a hydroshield which prevents cold water from leaking in and/or making the zipper cold when touching the skin.  This suit definitely delivers on the guarantee that it will keep you warm.

Quiksilver wetsuits are known for their ability to dry quickly too, provided that you follow Quiksilver’s recommendations of rinsing the wetsuit in fresh water and then hanging the wetsuit to dry.  This will allow users to enjoy their wetsuits for many years to come. Quiksilver also offers a 1 year warranty on their wetsuits just in case anything happens during your water adventures.

Some possible cons center around the fact that this suit is too warm.  With the great technology and attention placed on keeping users warm, some consumers have complained that the 4/3mm Quiksilver Syncro Wetsuit keeps them too warm.  Whether this will be a problem for you will depend on the temperature of the water that you will be entering into.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

The 4/3mm Men’s Quiksilver Syncro Full Wetsuit is an enjoyable suit that provides consumers with comfort and protection from cold water.  The lack of restriction allows users to perform whatever sports or adventures that they participate in with ease.  The wetsuit also dries quickly and doesn’t easily get scratched or ripped so you can be assured of long term use should you choose to buy the 4/3mm Quiksilver Syncro Wetsuit.

The 4/3mm Quiksilver Syncro Wetsuit costs about $150 on average, which is right in the middle of the price range for comparable Quiksilver wetsuits and wetsuits of other brands.  All in all, with the warranty, the comfort, and the reputation of Quiksilver wetsuits, this product is highly recommended for water adventurists and athletes.

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