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Things to Look Out For When Purchasing Cheap Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are used in a number of extreme sports and serve as replicas of actual weapons. These guns look like the real thing but instead of bullets, they spray plastic or sponge-like bullets from them. They are used in … Click to read the full article

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Ice Climbing – What’s it All About?

If you are someone that loves the thrill and danger that you get from rock climbing, or are simply looking for a new activity to get the adrenalin pumping, you may want to think about ice climbing. That’s right, climbing … Click to read the full article

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Training for Tough Mudder – It Doesn’t Have to Be So Tough

Tough Mudder is a high endurance race that involves running through mud and overcoming many obstacles in your course path.  It requires strength and stamina in order to complete and is a grueling marathon that has really earned itself the … Click to read the full article

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Man Jumps 2400ft Without a Parachute

Imagine jumping from a distance of thousands of feet from the ground without the safety of a parachute to break your fall. For one stuntman, this was not just a bad dream but an extreme sports experiment that went amazingly … Click to read the full article

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The Ice Breaker Event At Blue Rock on the 15 & 16 June 2012

The judging of the comp was rather a battle on its own. Dale Nieuwstad, the Ice Breaker’s Head Judge, expressed at the prize-giving how close the scores were between the contestants. The Groms (Junior Men’s division), such as Byron Brett … Click to read the full article

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Limbo Skating as an Extreme Sport

The reason why the radical sport of limbo skating is so impressive is because it needs skill and preparation as well as a daring attitude. People who take this up as a hobby put on roller skates (even on their … Click to read the full article

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Heading Off-Piste in Paradiski

If you’re an off-piste junkie, you will not be disappointed by the Paradiski region.  Situated in the South East of France, in the heart of the Alps, Paradiski incorporates the famed skiing destinations of Les Arcs and La Plagne and … Click to read the full article

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Skateboarding in Afghanistan

The adrenaline inducing sport of skateboarding was started sometime in the late 1940’s when surfers wanted something to surf on when sea conditions were unsuitable. It would appear that people came up with similar notions concurrently, for it is not … Click to read the full article

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