Should Boochie Be the Next Olympic Sport, and How Do We Make it Extreme?


Boochie is an absolutely fantastic game.  Originally developed as a game for children, it seems more and more adults are getting into it and office championships are starting to be developed.  It is no wonder, because it is a highly competitive game, even if it is designed mainly for a few giggles.  So what exactly is Boochie?  And is there a scope to develop Boochie into some sort of extreme sport?

What Is Boochie?

A game of Boochie can be played with up to four people and the more people the better, of course.  Each player has a ring, a ball and a task/point bracelet.  There is also “the Boochie”, which is a type of large dice.  The game involves somebody throwing the Boochie and then everybody takes turn throwing their ball and their ring towards it, trying to get it as close as possible.  Each game, therefore, awards two points: one for the closest ball and one for the closest ring.  However, each side of the Boochie dice also has an additional one or two points on it, such as one point for the furthest ring.

After the balls and rings have been thrown, points are awarded and the task/point bracelet is moved to the number of points awarded.  This then shows the position in which the next ball and ring needs to be thrown, such as by lying on your stomach, throwing with the non-dominant hand, standing on one leg and so on.  The first to get to 11 points is the undisputed Boochie champion.

How to Make Boochie Extreme

Boochie is, in essence, not a majorly extreme sport, although some of the positions given by the task/point bracelet can be quite extreme.  However, where there is a will, there is a way.  Why not try playing Boochie in more extreme situations?  Snow Boochie seems to be getting increasingly popular, but there are many other situations you could imagine.  Playing Boochie in a desert, for instance, could present very interesting challenges, particularly if you have to lie down in the burning sand.  Or you could play Boochie on the edge of a canyon.  Another great idea is to play Boochie whilst standing on a log that traverses a small canyon or river bed for instance.  The possibilities are endless and it is probably fair to say that with this game gaining in popularity so quickly, the more extreme versions will start to flood the market very quickly.

If you don’t like buying equipment for your extreme sports, making your own Boochie is very easy.  It will also give you a chance to make it far more of an extreme sport, for instance by coming up with more extreme tasks.  Throwing the ball and ring whilst mountain biking down a hill or whilst unicycling on the spot are just two examples you could think of.  Naturally, these are just a few examples, and we would love to hear your views on how you could make this game even more exciting… and extreme!