Globe Hg Retro Ripper Cruise Board Review


Globe Retro SkateboardsIf retro styling is your thing you will love the Glove Hg Retro Ripper Cruise Board.  With a size and shape that harkens back to the classic boards of the past, this cruise board is everything that you want it to be. The range of colors that the board is available in is impressive as is the wear and tear that the product can cope with, and should you run into trouble the board comes with a lifetime guarantee for the trucks and a 30 day guarantee for the board. This is a great board that should last you for some time.


  • Plastic Cruiser measuring 24” x 7”
  • Superior performance and ride-ability
  • 4.25” Slant Trucks
  • 62mm/83a conical wheels
  • Abec 7 Precision Speed bearings
  • High Tensile Hardware – 1/8” risers
  • Available in a wide selection of colors

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Pros and Cons of the Globe Hg Retro Ripper Cruise Board

The Glove Hg Retro Ripper Cruise Board is a great beginner’s board as it offers incredible durability. The wheels and the trucks are the perfect size in proportion to the board itself and for a reasonable priced board the parts last for some considerable time until bits like the bearings need to be replaced. The board deck is hard wearing and durable and the whole item can cope with the rain and groundwater pretty well. The board is stiffer than some other plastic models but offers enough flexibility to be able to steer the board really well. The size and weight of the board make it easy to carry, making it a great ‘on the go’ board.

The down sides to this board are more niggles than true downs; things like the grip may cause issues for a few people. Some riders like a lot of grip on their board and this board may not provide as much as they need. There is no grip tape used on this board, more of a grip pattern molded into the plastic, it’s adequate but you may want to consider modifying it to your needs. The deck of this board may be a lot shorter than some skaters are used to so you may need to spend an hour or so getting used to the feel of the board before you take it out anywhere. Even though the Glove Hg Retro Ripper Cruise Board is a waterproof board, water can still get into the bearings if you are not careful.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

The Globe Hg Retro Ripper Cruise Board retails at between $80 and $100 (depending on which color you opt for) which means that you are getting a lot of board for your money. There is still a novelty and uniqueness to this board because of the plastic and the range of colors that it is available in will get you noticed when you are out on the street with it. The fact that it can take a punishing without the chips and splinters that a wooden board would suffer is great, which may be beneficial for those skaters that will need to spend some time adjusting to this shorter than usual board, or a beginner as they may find they are more prone to wipe outs until they master their ride.

Globe HG Retro Cruise Board