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The Extreme Olympic Roundup 2012

As the Olympics have come to an end, so we say goodbye to a monumental time for almost every activity across the globe but...

Should Boochie Be the Next Olympic Sport, and How Do We Make it Extreme?

Boochie is an absolutely fantastic game.  Originally developed as a game for children, it seems more and more adults are getting into it and...

How to Survive the Wipeout of Your Life

Every surfer knows that at some point in their career, the ocean will give them a beating.  What most surfers probably don’t realize is...

Surfing Through the Ages

When thinking of surfing and its lifestyle, you may imagine a young athletic individual, braving the waves, with the likelihood of a wipe-out at...

Extreme Sports Activities Available in Barcelona and Who Offers Them

Extreme sports are huge in Barcelona, not only with participators but with spectators too. The city is even host to an annual extreme sports...

Latest Extreme Sports News from the London Olympics 2012 Canoe Slalom Events

With the canoe slalom events in the 2012 London Olympics nearly at an end, the spectators are on their toes for the results of...