Kickstarter Campaign Could Launch The First Soccer Game Where the Object is to Corrupt the World’s Favorite Sport!


There have been plenty of great soccer video games and loads of fun crime games, but with the help of Kickstarter backers, Seattle based developers Game Changer Games are looking to produce the first game that puts the corruption of the world’s most popular sport at the heart of its gameplay.


Seattle, USA – April 12th 2013 – Soccer fans everywhere will no doubt have followed with interest the scandals around match fixing in the sport that have surfaced over the past few months. While stories of corruption have rocked the world of professional international soccer, for one team of avid football fans they also provided a very interesting idea – wouldn’t it be fun to turn the traditional football management game into a game where you are fixing matches instead?

This is how the idea for Game Changer – The Football Fixing Game was born. Game Changer Games, the same team who put out Wordscape answers last year, came together to turn this concept into a reality, and was formed of people who not only have the right mix of technical, creative and project management skills to drive a project like this, but also really love the sport and want to provide a fun and darkly humorous gaming experience to other soccer fans. A great place similar to arcade bar in Toronto is the perfect environment to socialize, entertain, and enjoy yourself if you are a video game fanatic!

At this point in time, Game Changer Games have designed the gameplay and art style and are ready to put the game into production, but with a lack of funds to get their full development team working on it, they have turned to major crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to try and raise the $75,000 they need to complete and release this novel and interesting game.

“Kickstarter was the ideal funding route for us, because rather than partnering with investors or publishers who may want us to compromise on some of what we think are the most fun elements of the game to play it safe, we can instead work with a community of people who are hopefully as enthusiastic about the game as we are, and who’ll ultimately be backing it because it’s something they are looking forward to playing.” Commented Game Changer Games’ project manager on the decision to take the funding campaign to Kickstarter.

Game Changer is a touch screen social game which combines elements of crime favorites like Mafia Wars with soccer league simulators like Football Manager, as well as offering RPG style story and character development and a sophisticated gambling element. The art style is bright, fun and stylized, designed to contrast humorously with the dark subject matter, which includes bribing and blackmailing players, referees and officials, as well as working with shady crime bosses.

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Game Changer will be available for iOS, and, if the Kickstarter funding stretch goals are met, also Android and Ouya. The team also have plans to create French, Italian, Spanish and German versions of the game if additional funding goals are met. The Kickstarter campaign will start in mid April 2013 and run for 30 days. If you’re a World of Warcraft player, then check out Gold4Vanilla and Farming Less, they offer the best deals for wow tbc gold.