Chris Hemsworth in a Wetsuit – Phwoar!


All red-blooded females know that Chris Hemsworth looks hot on screen, particularly when he’s throwing his weight around in films such as Thor. But how many people know that Chris is also hot stuff in the water (as well as nicely filling out a skin tight wetsuit)?

Not only is Chris Hemsworth a very talented ‘A’ List movie star, he is also a very able surfer. He was filmed at the beginning of the month pulling some pretty tricky manoeuvres in the surf off the coast of Los Angeles. It looked like he was having fun in the water. He wasn’t joined by his wife, but they were both spotted enjoying some family time at the beach the following day, which is probably just as well as not long after, she gave birth to twin boys and ‘quiet time’ will be a thing of the past for a good few months to come.

Aussie Surfing Pro

Chris’s surfing prowess is probably due to the fact that he is a native born Australian and like most Aussie kids, he grew up on the beach with a surfboard attached to his leg. In fact he is open about his surfing prowess. He also admits he has had several near death experiences, recounting at least one occasion when he was pinned beneath a reef with his breath almost gone. Luckily for him and the rest of us, he lived to see another day. Sharks are another major threat in Australian water. Thankfully Chris says he has been lucky enough not to have had any close encounters of the Jaws variety.

Celebrities Who Can Surf

Chris Hemsworth is not the only famous celebrity with a talent for surfing. Surprisingly there are quite a few big names who are known to be nifty on a surf board.

  • Cameron Diaz – Ms Diaz is a keen surfer. In fact she is almost evangelical about surfing, describing the act of riding a wave as being ‘at one with Mother Nature’. She says she has enormous respect for the power of the ocean, which is a good thing.
  • Adam Sandler – He may be the king of the comedy movies, but Adam is also a well known face on the Miami surf scene.
  • David Beckham – Is there anything this guy can’t do? Yes, Mr Golden Balls is not only a massively talented footballer, but he can also surf.
  • Jeff Bridges – With his long hair and gruff demeanour, Jeff certainly looks like a surfing ‘dude’. Apparently he was a keen surfer as a child, but it wasn’t until recently that he began hitting the waves once again. If you watch the kids’ movie, ‘Surfs Up’, listen up for Jeff in the role of a surfing penguin.
  • Avril Lavigne – She is a singer, song writer, philanthropist and fashion designer. And, you guessed it, she can also surf.

If the thought of Chris Hemsworth in a tight outfit makes your mouth water, you will be delighted to hear that filming is about to begin on the next Avenger’s movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. The film should be in cinemas by the beginning of next year and I for one can’t wait!