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Navigating the White Continent – Ewan Blyth and Sophie Ballagh

For most people, the thought of kayaking the waterways of the Antarctic Ocean is fairly daunting. But for Ewan Blyth and Sophie Ballagh, it’s...

Choosing the Right Dry Suit for Cold Water Dives

Knowing what kind of dry suit to wear can help you unlock the beauty of cold water dives without feeling frosty. There’s a reason some...

What are The Benefits of Mountain Biking?

Get out of the city, escape the rat race and head to the hills to experience the thrill of tackling rugged, testing terrain on...

Cracking the Ice

After giving up on a life in the city, Beth Goralski wanted to focus on her passion – ice climbing. After years performing at...

In Pursuit

When photojournalist and conservationist Peter Mather set out on his expedition to north western Canada with his partner Marty O’Brien he was preparing himself...