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Top 5 Recommendations for Airsoft Equipment

Even though you can have quite some fun at the shooting range, trying out your favorite weapons or some classics – like the Desert...

What are the Most Common Water Sport Injuries?

Water sports can be an adrenaline pumping thrill ride, perfect for those long hot summer days. Whether you choose to surf, ski, wakeboard or...

Reasons Why Electric Scooters Are Riskier Than Bicycles

As a person fond of the electric scooter, and after owning one for a couple of years, I must say that I have received...

Confronting the Cold Coast – Chris Kendall

When Chris Kendall talks about his surfing experiences, it doesn’t conjure up the usual images of surfing. There are no board shorts, white sandy...

Tips for the First-Time Ultra Marathon Runner

If you’re planning on running an ultra-marathon, it goes without saying you need to factor in lots of time for preparation. You must start...