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Caving Tips for Beginners: What You Must Bring

Caving is unlike anything else you might have tried before, and depending on your particular destination, even the experience of caving can vary widely. While all that is excellent news, especially if it’s going to be your first spelunking adventure, … Click to read the full article

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5 Extreme Sports to Try When You Visit London

Whether you’re visiting London for the first or fiftieth time, there is something new and exciting to experience — and it doesn’t get much more exciting than extreme sports. The UK’s capital has a lot to offer in regards to … Click to read the full article

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The Best Tech for Your Next Extreme Sports Adventure

Whether you are traversing a new, unexplored mountain, embarking on a snowboarding adventure or going surfing with your best mates, having the right gear is always a great way to enhance the experience. We’ve already covered lots of skating, skiing, … Click to read the full article

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4 New Adrenaline Based Extreme Sports

It’s impossible to tell who the first adrenaline seekers were.  Maybe it was the first single cell organism that migrated from the ocean, and eventually sprouted legs. Maybe it was cavemen who discovered fire. Arguments could be made for a … Click to read the full article

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A History of Competition in Parkour 2007-2015

Without competition, the form and structure of many sports would disappear. Think of all the elements of hockey you’d be missing out on if you never competed. You’d never learn to check, your stick handling skills would remain untested, and … Click to read the full article

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How to Jump Into the World of Parkour

With most sports, a rhythm of progression is set naturally. You have rules and objectives, so you play within those rules to meet those objectives. Scoring a goal in soccer is the objective of the game, and not using yours … Click to read the full article

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How to Get Into Motocross

Motocross is an extreme sport that is exciting and adrenaline-fueled, but with a range of expensive gear that enthusiasts are required to buy and a seemingly exclusive sporting community, it can often be quite difficult to get into. Whether you … Click to read the full article

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Attention Adrenaline Junkies! 5 Cities for Extreme Sports

Some people just can’t get enough thrills. If you ever find yourself searching for that next perfect adrenaline high, but not knowing where to go next, try one of these awesome cities. They have something for everyone, from climbing to … Click to read the full article

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