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No Water Required – Sand Surfing in Australia

Surfing is practically a national pastime in Australia. The trouble is, the waves aren’t always breaking and Australian surfers can’t survive for very long without some sort of board sport to indulge in. Since snowboarding is out during the summer … Click to read the full article

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Has Sandboarding Become the Desert’s Coolest Sport?

The new craze of sandboarding has caused many extreme sports lovers to take a second glance at what can and cannot be done with a traditional snowboard.  Billed as snowboarding’s long-lost twin, sand boarding combines many aspects of what we … Click to read the full article

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Extreme Sand Boarding

I’m sure you’ve heard of surfing. You’ve probably even heard of body boarding. But have you ever heard of sand boarding? Don’t worry, a lot of people haven’t either. This fun and dangerous extreme sport actually has a good reputation … Click to read the full article

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