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Are Adventure Sports Taken Seriously Enough?

Up until 1998, snowboarding wasn’t an Olympic sport. It seems incredible when you think about it: true, the sport has a relatively short history...

Snowboarding in Andorra

The European continent plays host to some of the best snowboarding venues in the world due to its rugged interior mountains.  Switzerland, France and...

Snowboarding in Whistler

Snowboarding is enjoyed by countless people from around the world. Several countries have various snowboarding venues and accommodations that allow locals to enjoy and...

Could There Be An Olympic Snowboarding Boycott?

There is frustration afoot in regards to a decision made by the FIS (International Ski Federation) last Friday to reject a proposal by TTR...

The Best Places in Europe for a Snowboarding Vacation

There are a lot of places where you could choose to take a snowboarding vacation. Basically, any slope with snow on it will do....

How to Choose the Right Snowboarding Instructor

If you want to take up snowboarding the first thing you will need is the right snowboarding instructor to teach you.  While this task...