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Would you like to write an article for Extreme Sports X?  Our magazine is happy to receive guest contributions.

Due to the size of our website we do have some guidelines that all posts must follow.  Please read the following before adding a post for publication.  By submitting a post you are confirming that you agree to the following:

Post Guidelines

1. Your article should focus on extreme sports.  It can either be about extreme sports in general or about a specific extreme sport.  Please have a look at the menu bars on our site for a list of the sports that we currently cover.  Occasionally we will be open to new sports – if the sport you would like to write about is not covered please contact us first.

2. All posts that talk about specific pieces of equipment will have links placed in them to Amazon.  We are members of the Amazon affiliates program and so link to anything our readers may be interested in.

3. Our preferred topics are personal stories, guides, how-to articles and travel articles.  Please use our search bar to make sure that your idea has not already been covered on our website.  Alternatively please run your ideas past us before you begin writing.  If you are writing a time sensitive article please let us know so that we can schedule your publication date accordingly.

4. Your article must be unique and original and not currently published anywhere else on the web.  We are happy for you to republish your article after it has been published on Extreme Sports X but we do ask that you link to the original article on our website. Plagiarism is not permitted.  If you are quoting others please make sure that your sources are clearly labelled.

5. All articles need to be at least 500 words long and include subheadings.  We reserve the right to edit posts with small spelling and grammar errors, however posts that are low quality or poorly written will be rejected.  We have partnered with blog post writing company Ink Elves, and recommend contacting them if you are unable to write your posts yourself.

6. Please try and keyword optimise your articles – we want our readers to love your article but the better optimised it is, the more chance you have of people finding it.

7. If you would like to supply photographs along with your post that would be fantastic however we are also happy to source these.  All images should be credited unless you have full usage rights for them.

8. If you want to include links within your post that’s no problem.  However, if you are linking to a commercial website, we will class your post as sponsored, and charge a fee.

If you want to write for us please use the contact page to get in touch.

Extreme Sports X reserves the right to refuse publication, remove blog content and change these guidelines as we see fit.  Due to the amount of spam emails we have been receiving, we are now only replying to those that read our guidelines first.

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