Mountain Biking in Whistler


Mountain biking is one of the most incredible sports in the world.  It involves all the adrenaline of things like motor-cross and high-speed sports but is powered by raw, human energy.  Apart from the fitness and stamina factor, mountain biking allows many an avid rider the chance to see some of the most incredible and breathtaking sites in the world. Canada is one such area, and anyone who gets the chance to go mountain biking in Whistler is sure to have the experience of a lifetime!

The extreme nature of mountain biking is continuing to grow as new riders get higher than ever before, making the most unimaginable of tricks imaginable.  The fact that this sport is done at fairly great heights means that there is also a sense of surrealism the higher up the mountain you get!  The best part?  You don’t have to be an advanced rider to really enjoy the sport.  Mountain biking can help you build up the stamina and expertise you need to ride with the major players and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a few pointers along the way.

Getting Started with Mountain Biking in Whistler

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is a great place to get started and often has great accommodation deals if you are willing to be flexible as to when you go.  You won’t need much to get started.  It starts with having a mountain bike that meets safety regulations (both children and adults).  You will also need safety gear but all of this can be hired from the park if you don’t have it.  If you’re a novice there are a number of trainers who can help show you the ropes.

There are also camps and programs to guide you along the way. These include private tutorials, adventure trails, clinics, free rides through the valley and bike tours up top.  If you’re interested in a mixture of activities, this can also be arranged for an ultimate day mix.  If you are out there to learn and really develop a skill, there are personal coaches available to you for your stay.  This means being regularly guided by a professional and leaving the park a better rider than ever before.  However, personal trainers can be quite expensive.

Whistler Mountain Biking Trails

No matter whether you are visiting Whistler with your family, friends or fellow professionals you are surely going to want to try out one of the mountain bike trails in the area.  Some of the most highly recommended include:

  • Riverside – Perfect for beginners, the 1.5k Riverside trail is said to be fun for the whole family.   Sharp climbs with worthwhile dips add to the excitement.
  • Kill Me, Thrill Me – This is a 3.5k trail that is ideal for intermediate bikers.  There are loads of different terrains to experience, huge rock faces and a few areas that are especially suited to expert bikers.
  • Zappa Trails – A 4km intermediate trail, Zappa is often home to mountain bike races in Whistler.
  • Cut Yer Bars – Another intermediate trail, Cut Yer Bars measures just under 2km.  Some great bridges and steep hills make this a challenging ride.
  • Comfortably Numb – purely for experienced bikers who want a challenge this trail has been granted Epic Ride status by the International Mountain Biking Association.  With over 1.7km of grueling climbs, this 26km track includes ladder bridges, towering cliff faces and immense views!

The Whistler Mountain Biking Park

The Whistler Bike Park, in Canada is one of the most intense ranges for mountain biking in the world.  The trail park covers over 4,900 feet (1,500 meters) and includes over 50 runs making it an amazing place for mountain biking enthusiasts of all levels and the best place for mountain biking in North America.  Whistler itself is a large multi-purpose resort where skiing and snow sports are popular in the winter months but it is by far the most ideal spot for mountain biking in summer.  Between the months of May and October, the park is open to everyone from novice level (and even kids) right through to the most advanced.

Anything Else You Should Know?

There are a few practicalities that you might want to keep in mind if you choose to go mountain biking in Whistler.  These include:

  • Helmets are a mandatory piece of equipment in British Columbia.
  • Equipment and bike rentals are available everywhere and the prices vary.  If you can, take your own gear with you.
  • If you opt to go to the Whistler Bike Park you are recommended to wear full body armor and a full face helmet.
  • Summer camps and mountain biking lessons are available throughout Whistler.

The Whistler Mountain Biking Experience

The great thing about the Whistler Bike Park is that anyone who is interested in riding can go and have a great time.  This means families are welcome as well as seasoned professionals and everyone will get something out of the experience.  With a number of different types of terrains, Whistler promises enjoyment and poses a challenge to anyone who goes.  If you love the outdoors, keeping fit and getting your adrenaline pumping, mountain biking in Whistler is a great place to spend the summer months!