Andy Mac Zon Complete Skateboard (7.625 x 31.625)


Andy Mac SkateboardsSkateboarding is all about fun fun fun!  Increasingly these days, the sport is being picked up by kids who just want to mess around in the park.  Toy skateboards are widely available and cost next to nothing.  But they’re not real skateboards.  They don’t possess the awesome little bells and whistles that a board simply must to ensure a fun ride.  And if a kid doesn’t have a fun ride the first time, they might not return for another go.

All this is precisely why Andy Macdonald (world champ and all-round skateboarding hero) decided to get in on the game and start developing some truly fantastic skateboards aimed at kids just starting out in the sport.  What we’re reviewing today is the Andy Mac Zon Complete Skateboard (7.625 x 31.625): an entry-level skateboard that will enhance the first experiences of many newbies to come.

The Andy Mac Zon Complete Skateboard (7.625 x 31.625)

With its basic but complete setup, the Andy Mac Zon Complete Skateboard (7.625 x 31.625) boasts high quality at an affordable price.  Parents won’t run a mile if they see this on the Christmas list, that’s for sure.  And it’s not just for beginners, oh no.  Advanced skaters have had a buzz on this board and enjoyed themselves just as much as the newbies do!

The wheels are white polyurethane and the bearings roll well.  The deck is well-constructed for the price range and the base displays interesting graphics (although you can always paint over those if you don’t like them!).  The trucks’ metal is of a good quality and measure up comfortably to any brand name trucks.

Andy Mac Zon Complete Skateboard (7.625 x 31.625) Specifications

  • Cold fused maple deck
  • The trucks are cast aluminium
  • Kingpins and axles are carbon steel
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • Quality bearings which come lubricated with speed cream

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Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for entry level, look no further than the Andy Mac Zon Complete Skateboard (7.625 x 31.625).  Some purists might slam this board but for the pitch it’s aimed at, it hits pretty much everything on the head.  This board rides nice and smoothly and a starter couldn’t wish for a better beginners’ board.

Now if you’re an ollie freak, you may have some issues with the Andy Mac Zon Complete Skateboard (7.625 x 31.625) as it’s not got quite as much ‘pop’ as rival boards.  You also might find that the trucks are a little stiff for your liking and the wheels don’t have quite as much grip as you’d like.  But it depends on what you want: if you’re after a starter board that’ll serve its purpose down to the last detail, get it!  If you want something a little bit more sophisticated, still get it and just upgrade the bits that don’t suit your needs.  You’d still be saving yourself money.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

If you’ve got an interest in skating, you’d do well to start with the Andy Mac Zon Complete Skateboard (7.625 x 31.625).  If you have kids who are showing a bit of curiosity, grab one of these and send them off to the park.  Andy Macdonald is a true pro and if this board is good enough for him then hey, it should be good enough for you too.