Smith Optics Variant Brim Snow Helmets Review


Smith Optics Snow HelmetsSmith Optics are leaders in the protective wear market and they’re the ‘go to’ for many amateurs and professionals alike. Smith Optics Variant Brim Snow Helmets are no exception to the quality rule and unsurprisingly are award winners in their field. Ski helmets generally must be as comfortable and attractive as possible and the Smith Optics Variant Brim Snow Helmets combine these factors with ease.

The Smith Optics Variant Brim Snow Helmets

Stylish and sleek, these helmets are lightweight and attractive as well as comfortable and effective.  General reviews can’t speak highly enough of this product.  The brim on the helmet does a good job of keeping out the glare of the sun and offers a decent fit.  A lot of other helmets can leave you with something of a sweaty head but the vents in the Smith Optics Variant Brim Snow Helmets keep you cool while you’re on the go.  Protection on impact is widely reported as being highly successful so although these helmets don’t come cheap, they’re worth the investment for your safety.

Smith Optics Variant Brim Snow Helmets Specifications

  • Goggle lock (removable)
  • 22 inbuilt vents for keeping cool
  • X-static lining
  • Hybrid shell construction
  • Adjustable climate control

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Pros and Cons

One of the biggest pluses to the Smith Optics Variant Brim Snow Helmets is just how safe they are reported to be.  Smith Optics prides itself on quality manufacturing and even offer lifetime guarantees with their products.  They don’t scrimp on protection so you can be sure your safety is in the best hands.  Second to the quality of the build is the overall look. There’s no denying these helmets look pretty good.  You’ll cut quite the professional figure on the slopes in one of these bad boys!

Another big plus for some will be the compatibility with Skullcandy audio systems.  Having some tunes playing while you’re on the snow is popular with plenty of enthusiasts and the audio system will please them no end.

It’s hard to find any problems with these helmets and most users will agree.  The only possible downfall is that the number of vents can keep your head a little too cool, depending on where you are.  Some users will depend on their helmet for a little extra warmth so the Smith Optics Variant Brim Snow Helmets may not fit their needs particularly well.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

With the high level of protection reported on these models (one guy thought he had had it given the way he landed but he swears that the Smith Optics Variant Brim Snow Helmet saved his life – that’s a pretty impressive recommendation!), you’d be hard pushed to find a reason not to buy.  They can be pretty costly and most places sell them for at least $100 but if you can shop around, you’re likely to find yourself a very good deal.  And isn’t the protection worth the investment?  The fit is great and you’ll quickly find you won’t ski without your head firmly wedged in a Smith Optics Variant Brim Snow Helmet.