Crazy Creek T2 Robot Boys Snowboard 138cm Review


Crazy Creek snowboardsSnowboarding is back again.  It has been a part of the World Olympics for a number of years and thanks to Jack Burchett, the man who created the first snowboard, we are able to enjoy this fun sport too.  If you are considering a snowboarding holiday this winter you may want to consider taking your own snowboards with you.  The Crazy Creek Robot Snowboard is a great beginner board and is specifically suited for young boys.  Kids will find the Crazy Creek Snowboards easy to ride as they also do not require much maintenance they are easy for kids to look after.  We’d go as far to say that they are the perfect snowboards for children to learn snowboarding on!

The Crazy Creek Robot Snowboard is perfect for a child who is just starting out.  Riding is so easy that it will help your children gain the confidence they need to explore the slopes and increase their level.  The Crazy Creek Snowboards are also super easy to clean.  Imagine having a wood core snowboard that absorbs wax with ease… sounds awesome doesn’t it?!

The Crazy Creek T2 Robot Boys Snowboard 138cm Specifications

  • The base of the crazy creek robot snowboard is very low maintenance and easily absorbs wax
  • Crazy creek snowboards come equipped with wood cores
  • They have directional shapes
  • If you buy this snowboard from Amazon it comes with a one year warranty
  • Perfect for boys at a beginner to intermediate snowboarding level

Pros and Cons

As with any snowboard the Crazy Creek Robot Snowboard has kids who love it and others who don’t.  The good thing about the Crazy Creek Robot Snowboard is that it is great for getting kids interested in a sport.  The design is child friendly and it is easy to use.  Many people have even said that it can be used at an intermediate level so you won’t need to purchase an upgrade for a while if you choose to buy this board.

The only thing that you may have to worry about with this snowboard is how stable it will remain if your child increases in confidence and begins going at top speed.  This is because these snowboards are designed to help you learn the ropes of snowboarding and are not meant to be used if you are a pro.  That said, for the price they are definitely ideal and will be a cherished memory for all beginners.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

The Crazy Creek Robot snowboard is a great snowboard for any child who is trying to learn the ropes of snowboarding.  It is very easy to use and also very easy to clean so there will be no major problems.  Although there have been some negative reviews about this board, these have almost all come from the parents of kids who are verging on pro.  It is currently available on Amazon for just under $75 and has been reduced from $200 – now is the time to buy!

Snowboarding has definitely come a long way since it first originated back in the 19th century.  This snowboard allows children to keep the sport of snowboarding alive whilst having fun at the same time.  The Crazy Creek Robot snowboard allows you to show some of your daring side.