Airwalk SWELL Body Board Review


Airwalk BoardsBody boarding is so much fun if you’re not quite ready to tackle the complexities of surfing!  Some even take to body boarding as a way into surfing but get too attached to move on!  It’s easier than surfing and there are plenty of tricks you can have fun with pretty soon after starting.  It’s also great for kids who are just starting out in the water and just like surfing, it’s all about timing.

Professional body boarders spend plenty on getting the perfect equipment but it can come at a price.  That’s why the Airwalk boards are a great choice as they offer professional quality and great designs at affordable prices.  The Airwalk brand is well-respected having built a huge fan base since they launched in 1986.  They lead the pack in countless outdoor pursuits and the new Airwalk board doesn’t disappoint.

Airwalk SWELL Body Board Specifications

The board features a high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core and the polyethylene deck features a 6 to 8 pound crosslink.  The slick bottom is 20 millimeters thick and is constructed using the same high density EPS.  With double rails and channels, the Airwalk SWELL Body Board can keep any boarder on track up to a weight of 150 pounds. This Airwalk board is available in both red and green.

Pros and Cons

This Airwalk board allows you to ride the waves in style with its slick design and quality manufacturing.  The most striking thing about the Airwalk SWELL Body Board is the quality of the leash that comes with each board.  For the price, some cynics might expect a cheap leash thrown in but it’s a surprisingly thick, quality line.  The Velcro wraps are lined with neoprene and the coils are heavy duty.  All this with a board that costs less than $50 – you’ll be pretty impressed too.

As mentioned, the free leash is up there with the biggest pluses.  You’ll also be impressed with the stiffness of the board and the quality rails.  The graphics on the board are a lovely, simple design and as they’re printed onto the board rather than stuck on, they won’t peel off over time.

If you’re looking for a board that will last you for years, you might need to spend a bit more money.  Although it’s really well made, the Airwalk SWELL Body Board isn’t built for real longevity and you’ll need to spend more to get something more hard wearing.  But if you’re looking for an attractive, quality Airwalk board at a price that won’t break the bank, you could do far worse than this board.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

If you’ve got kids who want to get active in the water, it’s definitely worth picking up an Airwalk board.  They’re better quality than the cheap $10 boards you can pick up at the seaside meaning your little ones are safer out there on the waves and at just $40 they’re not expensive either.  If it’s you who’s looking to pick up a decent board to start tackling those waves, you’ll be equally happy with this board. Because of the price, design and features, it’s a real all-rounder.