Smith Phenom Goggle Review


Smith Optics GogglesThe Smith Phenom Goggle by Smith Optics looks fantastic – and at the price ($110.00), you’d expect nothing less. Smith Optics is a front runner when it comes to protective eyewear and these goggles don’t disappoint. Basing their company values on authenticity and innovation for the ‘fresh air addict’, many outdoor sports enthusiasts turn to them first for their gear.

The Smith Phenom Goggle comes in a vast array of colors and designs so there are loads to choose from. What’s more, the lens style can be chosen according to your own personal tastes. Choose from greens, reds, golds and blues to complement your existing gear perfectly. Of course, there’s a practical reason to the choice too: different lenses will perform differently under varied light conditions.

The Smith Phenom Goggle

The fantastic Smith’s Vaporator lens is standard in these goggles meaning that the optical quality experienced by users will always be of the highest quality and you won’t have to worry about fogging. There are inbuilt vents to make sure that the air flows freely through and keeps the lens as clear as possible, not to mention keeping you nice and cool.

The strap is fitted with Smith’s QuickFit adjustment system which means you can find a comfortable setting in no time at all, rather than wasting precious skiing or boarding time fiddling with getting the fit exactly right.

Smith Phenom Goggle Specifications

The goggle features a spherical carbonic lens as well as Vaporator technology and a Porex filter. The Outrigger Positioning system promises to ensure a snug fit with or without helmets. The frame is made out of polyurethane, the lens polycarbonate and the strap is elastic. The manufacturer warranty lasts for a lifetime and the goggle is recommended for both skiing and snowboarding.

Pros and Cons

If you’re purchasing these goggles, you have the option to buy multiple lenses which is a great option if you board or ski in varying light conditions. The Sensor Mirror for example provides decent contrast even in flat light.

On the minus side, if you do use a ski helmet, you may find that the strap is slightly too short to accommodate it.  Smith do provide a ‘helmet helper’ extension strap but really, the existing strap should be long enough to allow for helmets.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

The lenses in these goggles are supremely high quality and the overall look can’t be argued with – you’ll look great in a pair of Smith Phenom Goggles. And it’s not just about the look, you’ll soon be sold on the quality of the lenses and their completely fog-free performance, even in the wettest of conditions. The clarity of vision is further helped by the width of your field of vision.

So check out the range of lenses and strap styles today. Most outlets will happily sell these goggles to you for less than $130 and while some would argue that’s a lot for a pair of goggles, they’d be quickly silenced after trialing them, especially if they regularly experience problems with fogging.