Extreme Sports Holidays in the United States


Extreme sports are viewed as highly dangerous activities to indulge in but with adequate training and experience you can have great adventure and fun.  Among the countries leading the race in the number of extreme sports activities available is the United States.  This article lists some of the extreme sports in the United States that you can indulge in to ultimately make your holidays more thrilling and adventurous.

extreme sports in the United States


Skydiving is a very popular sport in the United States with thousands of skydivers from both the States and other parts of the world taking part each year.  There are numerous locations in the US from which a diver can jump with some of the most popular including:

  • Wasilla in Alaska which gives sky divers an awesome view of lakes, mountains, mountain glaciers and the surrounding environs from above.
  • Monterey Bay in California which offers skydivers the chance to view the beautiful Salinas Valley from above.  It is also exciting to fly over the beaches in the bay.
  • Newport in Rhode Island which gives skydivers a view of sailboats, the sea and the beach town.

Skydiving in these spots is an experience you don’t want to miss.


Wakeboarding is a sport in which participants perform tricks on the water at high speed with the help of a wakeboard and speed boat.  This is also widely practiced in the U.S due to the numerous large lakes and rivers.  Some of the lakes where wakeboarding is widely practiced include:

  • Lake Powel where wakeboarding sessions can be carried out in private.
  • Lake Cumberland which is the largest lake in Kentucky.
  • Lake Havasu which is well known for its excellent weather with mild winters and hot summers allowing the sport to take place all year round.
  • California’s largest fresh water lake, Clear Lake that offers a large surface area for the sport.


The winter season should not pass you by without having a snowy adventure in the United States.  Most of the skiing locations will not only give you a sporty adventure but also offer excellent views of the forests, valleys and mountain slopes.  Some of the most popular include:

  • Whistler in British Columbia (okay so technically this is in Canada) which is very attractive to skiers due to its slopes from the Black Comb Mountains.
  • Aspen in Colorado which has smooth slopes making it ideal for beginners
  • Tennessee and Party City Utah which both have pure air, bright sunshine and stunning snow.

There are, however, hundreds of skiing opportunities in the United States and a holiday to the country will leave you with numerous options.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is mostly practiced in Florida which has thousands of miles of coastline.  There are some prime sites where scuba diving is practiced but the main attractions are the reefs located off the Florida Keys and South Florida.  Here divers enjoy low prices and quality equipment due to the many visitors.  Cave diving is especially popular here and is a sight to behold.