Atom Lowrider Longboard Review


Atom LongboardsLongboards have become a popular style of skateboard used by many skaters and skating enthusiasts.  Taking on the look of a traditional surfboard, their unique shape and characteristics allow for a different skating experience and provide the opportunity for the rider to perform unique tricks.  Atom longboards are becoming a popular brand due to the level of quality that is part of each product and the price at which it is offered.  In this review, we will inspect the Atom Lowrider Longboard to determine if it falls within the realm of most of Atom’s inventory as being a quality board.

According to the maker, the Atom Lowrider Longboard is adept at carving and its low-profile makes pushing the board very easy.  Currently priced at $75, the board features a pintail deck design with a 9-ply maple wood laminate finish.  It is approximately 39” long, making it a bit shorter than some of the other longboards we have reviewed.  Let’s take a more precise look at the Lowrider, one of the newer Atom longboards to see what its specifications entail.


  • Adjustable truck positions
  • Binding holes (pre-drilled)
  • Photo heat-transfer graphic on bottom
  • Deck full-length grip tape
  • Low-profile geometry featured in deck design
  • 70mm 78A urethane wheels
  • ABEC 5 bearings

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Pros and Cons of the Atom Lowrider Longboard

This drop deck longboard is first and foremost an awesome ride. The low-profile design really does translate to a faster, better experience that results in better execution of carves and incredibly effortless pushing.  This is one of the better lower-price Atom longboards in the area of ergonomic design; it feels really well balanced and the design is built into the deck. Even with stock trucks, bushings and bearings, it is absolutely delightful to see such a solid board in this price range. The Atom Lowrider Longboard is hence a great board for modification and experimentation for beginners, intermediates and expert skaters alike.

There are a few complaints to be had with the board, however. The stock trucks seem to wear down rather fast so expect squeaking within a month. This doesn’t seem to be typical on the stock parts with many of the other Atom longboards I’ve tried, but any committed skater should be prepared to replace stock parts on any less expensive board as soon as possible. A quick change of the stock wheels supplied and you’ll have an additional boost to the speed. All in all though, the Atom Lowrider Longboard is a good purchase for $75.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

After examining and testing this longboard, it can be recommended to beginners and intermediates who are looking for a solid hybrid board with a well-engineered deck that’s good in certain areas. Carving was great and that translates to fun. Easy pushing equals better speed, which is also a boost for the fun factor. If you do not currently have another longboard or skateboard and a set of good-quality gear to slap on to the Lowrider, you may want to consider purchasing custom bearings, trucks and bushings to give it a more professional feel. If the purchase is for a child or a newly-interested individual, then it makes a great entry board. This is one of the entry-level Atom longboards that is great in many forms for many individuals looking for a solid, customizable, affordable longboard.

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