Skateboarding FAQs


No doubt, there can be a lot to absorb when it comes to skateboarding. If you are new to the sport you may feel overwhelmed when attempting to learn about styles, tricks, terminology and other crucial pieces of information. Knowing everything at once is not possible nor is it necessary. The goal starting out is to have fun and slowly develop techniques that are safe and effective and to ask the right skateboarding questions. Below is a compiled list of skateboarding FAQs to help you as a novice skateboarder to learn more about this exciting sport.

Q. What are the stances and does it matter which one I use?

A. This is one of the most common skateboarding questions. When it comes to standing and pushing a skateboard, there are multiple variations. The regular stance places your right foot near the tail while your left foot is situated near the nose of the skateboard. The goofy stance is the exact opposite: one places their left foot near the tail and the right foot near the nose. Either way is acceptable and you will be able to tell which is more natural for you by jumping on and finding out where your feet land. If you have prior experience with scooters or any other similar extreme sports equipment, typically the foot that pushes the board or scooter is the one that ends up being near the tail of the board.

Q. My board’s ready to go. Now what?

A. As far as skateboarding FAQs go, this is an oft-asked one by beginners. You can begin to get a sense of what to do by pushing around your driveway or an isolated street. Start out on a flat surface and once you feel comfortable, try moving to an incline. You can gradually move up in terms of how steep the hills you try out are; do not be in a rush to do this! Once you have learned how to ride and stabilize your board, you can then move on to other, more difficult skateboarding questions such as “How do I perform tricks?”

Q. How do I perform tricks?

A. Definitely one of the more complicated skateboarding FAQs, this part of skateboarding is more complex than one simple answer. When starting out, you can work on tricks such as the nollie, switch and fakie. Once your thirst for extreme sports adventure increases and you have mastered these challenges, there are plenty more to being learning. Do not get frustrated if you have difficulty at first; skateboarding is not a uniform process and everyone learns at different rates. When it comes to skateboarding questions, you can never ask too many. Get informed – get skilled!

Hopefully, these skateboarding FAQs have helped point you in the right direction. When it comes to extreme sports, skateboarding is definitely one of the most popular. There is a well-developed community wherever you are that will be able to answer any skateboarding questions you may have; drop by your local skate park or locate a community forum that discusses skateboarding. Never give up on learning and always keep an open head and heart. Practice safety and remember to have fun: that is what skateboarding is about, after all!