India Travel Tips


I really enjoyed my trip to India, I saw some beautiful sights and the history of the country is amazing.  But there are a few basic “don’ts” that will help you to stay healthy while you are there.

India Travel Tips

Food and Stomach Upsets

The usual rules apply when choosing a restaurant – go to somewhere busy as the food is more likely to be fresh.  Wash your hands with soap and water (or use one of the gel hand washes that don’t require water) before eating and do the same after touching money.  (Think about how many people touch a dollar bill… I wash my hands at home now every time I touch money.)  Oh, and don’t eat street food, it may be fine to pick up a hot dog from a street seller in New York, but your body just isn’t used to the bugs it will encounter when you travel overseas.


Don’t get fooled into believing that you need malaria tablets everywhere in India.  Places such as Delhi and Agra, in the north, do not require you to take malaria tablets (but always check before you travel as this situation may change).  Take advice from a health care professional who is used to dealing with travel to India regularly.  There are other vaccinations that may be recommended, and, these too may change over time, so I’m not going to say much here except check.  One piece of advice that I was given: I suffer from a whole host of food allergies and other gut problems.  My health care advisor recommended that I take the cholera vaccine – I had absolutely no problems in India, which is better than when I am at home!


Unless you are staying in a really good hotel, where they have water purifiers, don’t touch the local water or the ice.  Don’t eat uncooked vegetables that have been washed, because it’s the same as drinking local water.  Check the seal on any bottles of water you purchase.  You can purify water by using iodine tablets, and I always take some with me, just in case, but it is less pleasant to drink.  Did I mention ice cubes in drinks?  Bad idea unless you know they came from a licensed ice seller and weren’t created on the premises from tap water.


Depending on the time of year that you travel, these may not be a problem in the north, but probably will be if you travel to Goa.  Certain types of mosquito spread malaria, and even if you are taking your malaria tabs, it’s better not to be bitten…  You can get good mosquito protection in a range of forms – I prefer the spray, and use it on my ankles and the inside of my elbows.

India Travel Tips


I’m not speaking from experience, because I didn’t have to go to hospital while I was there, but I’m told that the private hospitals are better by far than the public hospitals in India.  (And, if you’ve got insurance, the company may well suggest somewhere.)  If you look online before you go, you will really just get lots of marketing information, so ask someone at your hotel before you need a hospital.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy your trip.

India is a fascinating country to visit and villas in India are a great option if you want to make your vacation extra special.  Visit the Owners Direct website to find some of the most beautiful villas in the country.  Stay safe and healthy and you will have the trip of a lifetime.