Airwalk Uncontested Skateboard Review


Airwalk SkateboardsFinding a skateboard that balances cost with performance is the number one concern of many skateboarders looking for the best buy.  Nobody wants to spend tons of money on a skateboard only to find out it is sub-par when it comes to performance.  This can be particularly disappointing for new skaters who cannot or will not invest in a second board if their first one turned out to be mediocre and expensive.  However, one company has managed to creep ever lower in price while maintaining a decent sense of quality.  This company is Airwalk and Airwalk skateboards are renowned for being a great first choice for beginners to the skating scene as well as those who have been skating for a few years.

Airwalk Skateboards have been manufacturing various models for the past twenty five years and have a notable reputation.  The company claims that it combined the evolution of boardsport culture along with independent style and the expression of creativity.  The Airwalk Uncontested Skateboard is a trick-style board that falls well within the price range of most skateboarding enthusiasts.  On the surface, this $50 skateboard appears to be a decent deal, but is it?  Throughout the remainder of this review, we will explore the specifications of the skateboard and determine how well it holds up when put to the test.


  • Four different designs to choose from – Splatter Gold, Splatter Silver, Stripes Gold, Stripes Silver
  • 31” 7-ply Canadian maple deck
  • 53 mm polyurethane 95A wheels
  • 127 mm professional aluminum Mavrix trucks
  • Metallic dip paint
  • High-end grip tape applied to top of board
  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • Dimensions: 31” x 8”; 5 pounds

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Pros and Cons of the Airwalk Uncontested Skateboard

The ABEC-7 bearings on the Airwalk Uncontested Skateboard allow for generously fast movement while on it.  The board is stiff and features a great design combo; the wheels and deck graphics match very well.  The Sticky Mob style grip tape provides a high-quality, coarse surface on the top of the board that can sometimes be lacking in the inexpensive skateboard category and the design is one of the better Airwalk skateboards to break under the $50 mark.  In fact many reviewers said that for the quality of the board, they would expect to be paying over $120 which is a huge positive!  The board also comes with a 30 day warranty so if you do find that it doesn’t suit your needs there is always an option of returning it.

As with all reasonably-priced products, there are some complaints to be expressed with the Airwalk Uncontested Skateboard. The board does not include risers and even though the bearings allow for fast movement, they are generic and should be replaced within the first couple of months of use. Normal skate tools do not work with the Allen key kingpin design. The 95A polyurethane wheels are also somewhat soft so you might want to consider acquiring a better set of these when the bearings need replacing. By and large, however, for this model of Airwalk skateboards, the negatives are not deal-breakers when the positives and the price are considered.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

This is one of the better Airwalk skateboards to hit the market in the past year. It is perfect for beginners and intermediates; if someone buys this board and decides to become more invested later on, the deck can be upgraded and performs as well as any other reasonably-priced skateboard.  The deck has received nothing but positive reviews at the time of writing on Amazon so if you are considering a late-season gift for a potential or current skateboarder that is cool and affordable (under $50), this skateboard may be the perfect option for you!

Airwalk Skateboards