Echelon Killbox Snowboard Review


Echelon SnowboardsAs far as snowboarding enthusiasts are concerned, the difference between an average snowboard and a quality snowboard is immeasurable. Each snowboard is built with a unique purpose and quality that is determined by how much time a manufacturer spends in research, development and high-quality materials. Finding the perfect board means analyzing these attributes to get the best idea of how well any particular skateboard matches with your qualities and interests. For individuals who enjoy a compact, wide snowboard for jibbing, there is a creation by Echelon Snowboards that fits the profile.

The Echelon Killbox Snowboard is a newer design and incorporates many technical aspects from past and present. Echelon Snowboards has made a name for itself by keeping its product line on the edge of innovation, led by a team of former defense engineers and other individuals whose skills are honed to be absolutely precise. While the company is a high-quality snowboard manufacturer, each company has its gaffes and no board is guaranteed to be awesome based on the maker alone. In order to get a better feel for the board’s dynamics and how it rides, a more detailed look at its specifications, pros and cons is in order.


  • V-Reverse camber, allowing one to ride harder and with greater maneuverability
  • Sintruded base, perfect for handling rocks, rails and roofs in combination with snow
  • Lite3D – raised edges to make them less likely to incur and stick on rails and rocks
  • Killbox Core allows for short riding and reduces swing weight

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Pros and Cons of the Echelon Killbox Snowboard

The ultimate jibber will appreciate the design of the Echelon Killbox Snowboard. Unlike some Echelon snowboards, this model is specifically created with raised edges and feels more like a skateboard, giving snowboarders more maneuverability in tight spaces. The V-Reverse camber and wide base allow it to float well in deep snow, too. The amount of flexibility in the board gives leeway for beginners while simultaneously gliding over small and large objects alike. Snap and versatility are enhanced by the DualSlant sidewall technology that combines two angles on the board for compression strength and optimal energy transfer.

No board, including the Echelon Killbox Snowboard, can appeal to all aspects of snowboarding. If you are looking for a serious back country snowboard, you may want to look at another one of the Echelon snowboards available; jibbing and buttering is the Killbox’s specialties and deep, steep snow should be avoided. All in all, if you are looking for a fast, fun snowboard for use in established areas, this is a solid contender.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

The Echelon Killbox Snowboard is a definite party board for intermediate to advanced riders who are looking for a thrill on the slopes and pistes. Considering the overall quality of the deck and the amount of fun to be had with it, the $300 price tag seems very reasonable. This is one of the best jibbing boards out there and one of the best designs by Echelon Snowboards in recent years. For dedicated snowboarders who are seeking an exciting new gem for their collections, this is a perfect selection.

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