Surfing in Ireland


As a surfer, you go where the wind takes you. After all, it’s your free spirit and spontaneity that probably attracted you to the sport in the first place. Surfing in your local spot can be appealing for a long time. You’ll learn to navigate the devil you know and build confidence quickly. However, once you’ve reached a point in your surfing where you want to try new things and challenge yourself, it won’t be long before you want to move on to greener pastures. That’s where surfing in Ireland comes in.

So why not consider a surfing trip to Ireland? This hidden gem isn’t the typical choice of surfers who haven’t traveled as they don’t expect to find a culture here. However, Ireland boasts a number of attractive benefits for any surfer looking to expand their horizons. Why not explore something exciting and new with different challenges to take your surfing to the next level?

The Travelling Surfer in Ireland

There are a number of reasons why surfing in Ireland is awesome. Here we explore this versatile and exciting country.

  • A number of excellent surfing regions – There are no shortage of surfing spots in Ireland. The Donagal Bay is perhaps one of the most well-known surfing spots in the country. However, whether you’d like to take to the waters on the Dublin coast or the wide, white Belfast stretch, you’ll find an array of surfable spots in a challenging but beautiful environment. You’ve got a stretch of 1,448 km of coastline to choose from.
  • A temperate climate – The Irish climate is somewhat temperate to most travelers which means you won’t have to deal with extreme highs or lows. However, some parts of the country can get very rainy, sometimes pouring up to 3,000 mm. If you find surfing in the rain magical, you’ll love the west coast. If you’d rather avoid it, you always have other options.
  • Safely enjoy your trip – Ireland is a relatively safe place to visit with few travelers reporting acts of violence against them. In fact, you can enjoy a safe stay at a variety of coastal hotels and backpackers without having to constantly worry about your possessions.
  • Experience Irish culture – The best part about getting away is that you’ll not only surf in new territory but you’ll also have the opportunity to experience a rich and entertaining culture, rife with diversity. An example of this would be the three different language-based cultures that exist in the country. These are predominantly the English, Gaeltacht and Irish speakers.

Surfing in Ireland can offer you a first world trip with the magic and thrills of emptier coastlines. Why not book your flight today and join hundreds of enthusiastic locals as they take to the water. You’ll experience an entirely new world but you can still decide to enjoy first-world comforts like excellent accommodation and public transport that covers most of this country. If all else fails, live the life of a real traveler and hitch your way to the nearest swell. Your options are endless in Ireland.