How To Be a Paintball Sniper


Confidence and patience, lots of patience – those are the key elements of any sniper worthy of the title.  The ability to strategize, think on your feet and stay hidden will see you rise to the top of your game.


There is no one gun that will allow you to make those dramatic long distance shots, it is all down to skill, patience and accuracy.  Sights and scopes will make a difference, as will clothing like a ghillie suit, but in the end it is the person behind the sight that makes the shot.


The distance the shot will travel is relative to the speed at which the paintball leaves the gun, and no matter what an upgrade promises it is unlikely that it will allow muzzle velocity to exceed 300fps.  Upgrades can of course add spin which may increase range however the further the range the more accuracy will diminish.  What does make a difference to your sniping skills is having a gun that consistently provides the same velocity shot, time after time so a weapon with a regulator is a must have item for a sniper.

Scopes and Sights

If your gun isn’t fitted with a regulator so to make it fire at a regular and consistent rate, a sight or scope will not serve any great purpose.  A red dot laser sight, which can be switched on and off at will is a good investment option providing of course that you have first bought a regulator.  However, in a fire fight using the sight takes up precious time and leaves you open to multiple hits.


Snipers need to be stealthy, some may even say sneaky, so make sure that you put some thought into your clothing.  It doesn’t have to be camouflaged, but it will help allow you to blend in with your surrounding area.  Paintball specific camouflage is available to purchase in some specialist stores though a ghillie suit is really the best way to merge with your surroundings.

Positioning for the Shot

Really there are only two positions that a sniper can play in, he can either rush forward and get ahead of the players at the start, finding a position in which to lay in wait, or hang back and pick people off from the rear.  The rear position is more for defensive play, ensuring that the flag is protected.

The Attacking Sniper

The attacking sniper needs to get as far ahead as possible at the start of the game, then hide out of sight and lay in wait for the perfect shot to present itself.  A good attacking sniper is familiar with the field of play and will already have identified areas in which to take cover.  This should be close to an avenue the opposing team are going to use, the positioning is all about you being able to see them, but them not being able to spot you.  This position is very much about patience, a good sniper knows the stats of the opposing team, their likely formations, strengths and weaknesses.  Although it’s hard try and resist the temptation to pick them off as they approach, instead hold out until they have passed you by before you start picking them off, choosing the most experienced and dangerous player first.  As long as they don’t discover your position, stay where you are until they regroup and walk back into your sights.

The Defensive Sniper

A good sniper has a plan before the game starts, and has a position in mind in which to lay in wait.  It needs to be far enough away from the flag so as not to be spotted by the opposing team as they approach, yet close enough to offer a clean line of sight for accurate shots on anyone who reaches for your flag.  Make the most of your surroundings and use them as added camouflage, the longer you remain hidden the less your chances of being sent to the dead zone.  Ensure that any position you assume is off at an angle from the flag, so that the enemy has to walk between you and the flag to reach it, giving you the best chance of a successful shot.

Keep calm and bide your time, this needs to be an accurate shot as you have positioned yourself with almost nowhere to run.  Bear in mind that the opposing team will be expecting some form of defence around the flag so you will not have as great an element of surprise as you would like, but if you have a great hiding place they will have to put themselves out into the open to flush you out which means you may be able to pick them off one by one as long as you remain hidden.