Top 5 Ski Resorts in Vermont


Although you may not instantly think of Vermont as a great winter sports location, Vermont is a spectacular place for anybody on the East Coast to frequent when wanting to hit the slopes.  There are a number of premium ski resorts in Vermont that can make your stay even more enjoyable and truly add that New England charm to it all.  The following are some of the best.

Ski resorts in Vermont skiiers

Okemo Mountain Resort

One of the best places to visit for courses with steep drops, Okemo Mountain Resort is located in Ludlow and has nearly 120 different trails to explore while staying.  The vertical drop of the area is 2,200 feet.  Two of the most popular courses – the 7,000-foot long Tuckered Out Trail and the 5,500-foot long Rimrock Trail – offer scenic beauty and the ability for jibbers to partake in steep descents.  If you decide to visit the area and hit the slopes, lift tickets can be picked up for as little as $29 (children) and range up to $84 for adults during peak hours.

Sugarbush Resort

Another of the most popular ski resorts in Vermont is the Sugarbush Resort, which offers intermediate to expert skiers the ability to test their luck at the steep, unforgiving routes carved out in this area.  Located just outside of Warren, the area features a 2,500-foot drop and over 110 different trails to explore.  The price – much like the course itself – is for experts, with tickets ranging in cost from $55-$90.

Smugglers’ Notch Resort

This triple black diamond rated course is not for the faint of heart and should be visited by only the most accomplished skiers.  With a 2,600-foot drop and average horizontal course length of 1,800 feet, this course will drive fear into the hearts of those who are not used to steep venues.  The area can be accessed for $35-$70 per person and features nearly 80 unique courses that give you a different challenge each time.

Stowe Mountain Resort

The Stowe Mountain Resort is located in a town with the same name and features 116 various trails waiting for exploration.  This resort has trails for everybody, including easy-going scenic routes and the Upper Goat Trail, which descends 2,360 feet over a 1,000 foot horizontal distance.  Depending on the time of day, your lift ticket will cost anywhere from $50 to $95 per person.  The area also includes a “pipe park” for snowboarders to get their fill of enjoyment out of the area.

Killington Resort

Known as one of the best ski resorts in Vermont, Killington Resort gives the skier the ability to enjoy sheerly-awesome vertical drops and variety.  With 135 skiing trails that offer the rider much more than many other resorts Killington has the most trails of any ski resort in Vermont.  Located on the road and in the city with the same name, Killington’s vertical drop of 3,050 feet will leave your stomach in your feet. Expect to pay anywhere from $42-$80 per person per day to frequent the resort.