Five of the Best Climbing Helmets – Which is Best For You?


When you are hanging from the side of a cliff, you do not want to be in doubt about any of your gear.  Mountain climbers have a tendency to look out for one another, and we’ve taken that a step further by analyzing a variety of climbing helmets on the market today and determining which are the best bang for your buck.  Below are the five best climbing helmets available on the market today.

Petzl Elios Climbing Helmet (2011)

It should be no surprise as to why the Petzl Elios helmet is included in our list of best climbing helmets.  For starters the Petzl Elios helmet weighs approximately twelve ounces but is strong enough to provide a durable layer of protection when you need it most and the polycarbonate shell is lined with a soft closed-cell foam material that cushions the pressure points on the inside of the helmet. A wheel in the back of the helmet allows for quick adjustments to be made to fit any size head which is great if you constantly struggle to find a helmet that fits. In addition there are ten vents along the dimensions of the helmet, which give the user enough airflow to avoid overheating. This Petzl Elios helmet is a bargain and can be picked up for $70.  This makes it one of the cheapest helmets on our list yet one of the most popular – you’ll struggle to find a bad review about this helmet anywhere online.

Top 5 Climbing Helmets

Mammut Skywalker 2 Climbing Helmet

With a two-prong durable frame (composed of polycarbonate on the outside and EPS on the inside), the Mammut Skywalker 2 Climbing Helmet provides an increased amount of strength over many of its competitors. Weighing approximately fifteen ounces, the heavy-duty helmet has ventilation all over its surface and the fully-adjustable chin strap allows you to quickly change its tightness. When you combine this with the one-hand wheel on the back that allows size adjustments to be made to fit a user’s head, you begin to understand how versatile, durable and useful this $60 climbing helmet can be for you.

Top 5 Climbing Helmets

Petzl Ecrin Roc Climbing Helmet

Yet another in the line of Petzl products, the Ecrin Roc Climbing Helmet is one of their newest designs and features a durable, polycarbonate shell for superb shock absorption. It makes a rather comfortable helmet as the ventilation (14 holes) helps keep the head cool and dry while the two foam headbands (one thin and one thick) buffer your head against chaffing and scraping. There are numerous adjustments that can be made to allow this helmet to fit any head and it also includes head lamp clips. This sixteen-ounce helmet can be yours for around $90 at most climbing retail outlets.

Top 5 Climbing Helmets

Grivel Salamander Climbing Helmet

Designed for alpine, rock and ice climbing of all sorts, the Salamander Climbing Helmet is made from durable ABS plastic and helps guard against shattering, vibrations and shocks to the head. The inner layer of the helmet is coated with shock-absorbing polystyrene foam and the adjustable nature of the helmet makes it a one-size-fits-all solution. The bright colors of this helmet also help it stand out and make you noticeable to others around you and potentially to anyone who is trying to find you. The helmet features some of the most advanced ventilation designs of any helmet and can be purchased for $80.

Top 5 Climbing Helmets

Black Diamond Tracer Helmet

With its low-profile design and a light weight of just eight ounces, the Black Diamond Tracer Helmet is an ultra-portable solution for climbers of all backgrounds. Resembling a bicycle helmet more than the traditional “construction hat” look, the Tracer contains EPS foam to cushion the head and absorb shock while also utilizing an advanced adjustment system that alters not only the size of the helmet but also the fit of the chinstrap. This is definitely a great helmet to keep in the car at all times and can be yours for just $80.

Top 5 Climbing Helmets