Mares Prestige Scuba Diving Jacket BCD Review


Mares Scuba BCDThe importance of a good and reliable scuba diving BCD cannot be underestimated and with the Mares Prestige BCD, high quality is exactly what you will get.  The carefully created jacket is honed with every detail in mind.  There are different types of Cordura on the jacket and three dimensional pockets that are large enough to store items safely.  Additionally, these pockets are self-draining which means you do not have to worry about water build up when exiting the water.

Comfort is key when it comes to scuba gear and Mares always keep this in mind when designing their products.  The Prestige BCD has thirty angle shoulder straps that include Airnet padding in their creation.  This leaves the straps sturdy and strong enough to provide support as well as comfort.  There are adjustable chest closures and abdominal closings that enable the jacket to be securely strapped to the body, leaving the diver able to worry about other things aside from a jacket malfunction.

For the above reasons and more the Mares Prestige scuba diving jacket BCD is an excellent choice for divers of all levels of experience.  With PADI approval, all divers can rest assured that the Mares Prestige BCD is well constructed, safe, and effective under the water.


  • PADI approved
  • 50mm closure on the abdomen
  • Chest closure with dual adjustment
  • 4 Steel D-rings at chest closure
  • Backpack with stability found in handle
  • 3D pockets that are roomy and self-draining
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Use of different types of Cordura
  • Adjustable cummerbund
  • Sturdy shoulder straps with Airnet padding
  • Available in six sixes from 2xSmall – Extra Large

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Pros and Cons

The PADI approval alone is enough to convince some divers to purchase the Mares Prestige Scuba Diving Jacket BCD.  Not all items and equipment have this ranking so to get it is both impressive and quality affirming.  Additionally, the adjustable straps located both at the chest and at the abdomen make it a great product for people who struggle to find a BCD that fits them correctly.  The shoulder straps have Airnet padding which make them comfortable to wear as well as secure on the body.  The adjustable cummerbund as well means that it can fit many body types comfortably and without too much tightness felt.

The pockets are wonderful additions in that they create a large amount of room to store necessary scuba items such as flashlights and slate boards.  Finally, this Mares BCD weighs just 10 pounds making it lightweight enough to be comfortable when out of the water as well as in.  The only real criticism of this product is its price however we strongly believe that if you dive frequently and want a BCD that is going to last for a long time, the price is more than justified.

Final Thoughts

If quality and comfort are important to you when you dive, the Mares Prestige BCD is a top choice and one that is far above many of its competitors.  As aforementioned, though, you will pay for this item to be included in your scuba gear line up.  The price of the Mares Prestige Scuba Diving Jacket ranges from the mid two-hundred dollar price range to just over $350 depending on the size that you require.  Quality and approval does come at a price and this jacket demonstrates that.

Mares Scuba BCD