BIC Sport ACS Natural Surfboard Review


BIC SurfboardsThe BIC Sport ACS Natural Surfboard doesn’t have the name ‘Easy Rider’ for nothing; this board is as good as its name suggests.   It offers the stability of a long board with incredible manoeuvrability, and although it is not the full length of a long board it offers enough length to make manoeuvrability a piece of cake.  Compared to others this is an incredibly user friendly board which is perfect for riding just about any kind of wave due to the board’s excellent floatation.  The shape of this board makes it great for beginners and experienced surfers alike as it is easy to carry yet has all the feel of a much bigger board.


  • Suitable for riders weighing between 40kg/6.25 stone and 100kg/16 stone
  • Boards weighs 6.70kg
  • ACS technology construction
  • Suitable to be used in waves ranging from knee height to head height
  • Dimensions: 7ft 9” x 21.125” x 2.875”
  • FCS M5 3 fins included in the package

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Pros and Cons of the BIC Sport ACS Natural Surfboard

The BIC Sport ACS Natural Surfboard is a big little board with features to please surfers of all levels of ability, plus it is not too big to be able to fit on the roof of the car. The main principles behind this board are durability and affordability and it checks all of the boxes in both areas. As far as durability is concerned the board seems to be virtually indestructible. This board is not only affordable it is the perfect shape and size to suit everyone. Although the shape of this board is more suited for the beginner all surfers will be able to benefit from its design. One of the features that does make it perfect for beginners though is that where some damage would see a fibreglass board damaged beyond use, the design of is board, using moulded polyethylene and polyethylene foam means it can take a lot more damage before it needs to be taken out of the water.

There are not that many cons associated with the BIC Sport ACS Natural Surfboard other than the fact that you have to fit the fins yourself, but even that doesn’t require much effort, in fact it will probably take you longer to get the board out of its packaging. Of course there are only two colour choices, blue or red, but really, does that matter?

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

As a beginner you want a board that is going to be able to take a few wipeouts; a more traditional fibreglass board would not be able to take anywhere near the amount of punishment that this board can which makes it great for all of the trial and error that comes when you learn to surf. The other great thing about this board is that it suits all comers as it offers incredible floatation and maximum manoeuvrability in a whole range of wave sizes. There is no need to worry about storing it for travel either as unlike some long boards it will fit easily on the top of a car.   The BIC Sport ACS Natural Surfboard is priced at around $360.00 making it ideal for beginners who have a love of surfing and are sure they want to get more involved in the sport.

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