5 Health Benefits of Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is one of the most exciting and thrilling activities that you can indulge in. The great thing about it is that; aside from being fun, it offers a myriad of health benefits that can positively transform both your physical and mental health. The following is an overview of the main health benefits of rock climbing.

1. Boosts Brain Power

As a sport activity, rock climbing requires a high level of problem solving skills and lots of concentration. While climbing, you have to critically analyse each of your footholds and handholds before making any move. And according to amindforallseasons.com/, this helps to train your brain to concentrate and learn how to come up with solutions for difficult problems. Rock climbing is also one of the experiences that can trigger the release of the mood-enhancing hormone – serotonin. So by engaging in this refreshing activity, you’ll not only improve your mental health, but also end up feeling much better!

2. Increases Body Flexibility

As you try to reach your next foothold or handhold, you need to stretch your muscles for long time spans. This will greatly boost your overall flexibility, which is important in all stages of your life. It’ll help you to maintain an excellent range of motion in your joints and minimize the risk of injuries to your body.

3. Improves Cardiovascular Health

One of the main health benefits of rock climbing is the fact that: it’s good for the heart. Yes, rock climbing is one of the best aerobic activities that you can partake in, and it’ll get your heart pumping and even help you burn more than 500 calories per hour. In addition, as you struggle to get to the top of the rock formation or mountain, you’ll need to hike. This will provide you with additional workout, which will exercise your heart as well as your entire body. In the end, you’ll have a better functioning cardiovascular system, as well as a stronger heart and lungs – all of which translates to a reduced risk of developing conditions such as osteoporosis.

4. Helps Burn Fat and Maintain Healthy Weight

If you have a weight problem, you should seriously consider taking on rock climbing. Apart from the cardio workout that you get from this activity, you can burn considerable body fat by simply going on a hiking trip that includes rock climbing. Packing up and carrying your sport climbing gear, as well as travelling to the site may involve a great deal of enjoyable physical activity, which can help you to get into good shape. Ostarine is a good alternative to it, if you get training or a workout in the gym.

5. Increases Muscle Strength

Strength building cannot be missed in any list of the health benefits of rock climbing. As you reach the next hold, you have to use your arms to pull yourself up, and your legs to propel your entire body forward. You also need a great deal of control in order to balance and maneuver yourself into different positions. The net effect of this activity is improved muscle strength and tone. This is because the exercise helps to work the core muscles of your body, including the ones on the arms, legs, chest and the back.

Lastly, should you decide to hit the rocks, don’t forget to check into your local sports shop to get yourself the right rock climbing gear.