The Benefits of Playing Paintball


Paintball has always been something that I enjoyed doing. Quite frankly, ever since I started playing paintball years ago, it’s become part of my life mainly because of the thrill it brings and the many benefits it offers. Now for some of you who are not familiar with the sport, might think paintball is a game for kids or even worse, it’s some dangerous sport that could cause injuries and promote violence. Well before you make such assumptions allow me to perhaps give you a birds eye view of what paintball is and what it can do for you.

Paintball, since it’s discovery in 1970’s has increasingly become an internationally known sport. The sport, has acquired lots of fans around the globe and established itself as a multimillion dollar industry as paintball suppliers often can be found short in supply due to the rapid growth of the mighty game. Besides the fact that it’s a fun group game to play, which can also be played by family members.

Paintball also offers a great deal of health benefits. It’s number one benefit is the cardio exercise that you can get out of it. This is specially true when playing speedball, where you would have to run around fast enough to scape your enemies or chase them in order to shoot at them to claim your victory. This running and stopping (usually for 15-20 minutes per game) resembles a very high intensity cardio workout which would make an excellent recipe for weight loss.

Playing paintball is also a stress relief sport for a lot of people who see this as a time together with friends and away from the office. What better than being able to go out in the open and enjoy the fresh air while you are challenging yourself physically and mentally at the same time. This is the norm for professional paintballers who travel the world and get paid to play the game they love the most. For them playing paintball is almost like a chess game. One wrong move and you are out of the game. When you are on the field you are on survival mode and need to use all your senses to guide you through the right direction. Being aware and paying attention to your surroundings is no different than being surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves and having to find your scape plan or perhaps coming up with a strategic attack using a paintball grenade for example.

With enough said, hopefully this has been a good introduction on the benefits of playing paintball. Over time, more and more people will realize the joy and happiness that this sport brings to the table. The game itself is not hard to learn and there are plenty of tutorials online to teach you how to get started. If you are interested to learn and read some more articles about how to get started with paintball, you can checkout our blog at Also checkout our store for affordable paintball guns for sale. Just remember that once you start playing you will be hooked for life. Spread the love of paintball and happy hunting!