There Really Is Nothing Like Heli-Skiing


Heli-skiing is a type of off-trial downhill skiing, that is reached by a helicopter instead of by a ski lift. The environment for this type of skiing is completely natural and doesn’t require the effort of hiking to ski areas like you usually need to do with cross country skiing. The experienced guide that takes the group heli-skiing ensures a safe route for the heli-ski participants who will get adrenaline rushes that are better than any that happen in regular skiing. This also provides less risk as the environment surrounding the skier usually has only a few people of the same skill level. No more avoiding beginners on crowded hills.

Head to British Columbia

This form of skiing has been popular since the 1960s. British Columbia is among the most popular for operations of heli-skiing. The overall terrain that heli-skiing takes place is very diverse which may include glaciers, steep chutes, glades trees and alpine bowls. The average run for heli-skiing is usually 2,000 feet. In British Columbia the old growth forests offer tree runs for those that prefer a greater challenge.

The helicopter is considered the ski lift for this type of skiing. Since you are starting at the top of a mountain there will usually be many runs a day. Sometimes as many as five to twelve runs a day. There really is nothing like heli-skiing. The presence of the helicopter allows skiers to get to unique locations and get the experience of breathtaking views and scenery.

Typical Tours

On a typical tour, heli-skiers are led by an experience tour guide which is a safer approach than regular skiing. Tour guides monitor skiers which results in fewer accidents. Beginner heli-skiers can also be accommodated with the appropriate tour personnel.  Beginners will advance much quicker with this type of instruction.

Heli-skiing is truly unique and one of a kind and having been around for a long time, skiers have been enjoying it ever since then. It is extremely pleasurable to have a mountain all to yourself and to be at one with nature. With heli-skiing you won’t have to worry about sharing the mountain or other skiers with you. There are also great vacation packages that you can acquire which will give you the perfect vacation.

Things to Pack for a Heli Ski Holiday

To heli-ski you will need breathable and water resistance clothing that is similar to regular skiing. You will also need goggles and gloves and plenty of clothing underneath and it is okay to layer your clothing but make sure you are properly dressed. Wool or fleece hats are strongly recommended for most locations. You may also bring hydration backpacks that will allow you to bring your water and snacks if you need it. Try this unique recreation activity today and chances are you won’t look at regular skiing the same.