Vans – Pro Skating Shoes for Youths and Toddlers


It’s true that the Vans trainer is now a global fashion statement for alternative dressers, indie boys/girls and extreme sports fans. But aside from the style and fresh new looks with every shoe, Vans are still one of the world’s most talked and trusted technical trainer brands that many riders, skaters and snowboarders turn to. Vans have a style statement of their own and cannot be paired with just any clothing attire.


From snow and surf to BMX, the famous Vans shoe delivers technical excellence and brilliant performance in almost every extreme sport out there. Pro skaters including Andy Scott, Chris Oliver, Daryl Dominguez, Helena Long, Lois Pendlebury and Stephen ‘Rogie’ Roe, are all mega fans of Vans trainers – so what makes them such a high performing choice for our pros and how do you choose the right shoe for you?

Here are some tips on the top technologies from the Pro Skate range. If you’re serious about improving your skating, be sure to look at the advantages of choosing Vans.

Leading Technology from Vans Pro Skate

If it’s good enough for our world famous pros, it’s good enough for us. But not only are the pros favouriting Vans over other skate shoes, there are many master skaters and flow skaters, as well as pro BMX and moto-x riders who endorse the brand too. And here’s why…

  • CO-MOLDED PU cushioning – absorb the impact of every ollie, pop or heelflip with the specialised cushioning found in many Pro Skate Vans trainers. Get maximum comfort for longer when you’re skating.
  • Ultralight CMEVA cushioning – Vans shoes are available in lightweight form to give you the best cushioning and the least weight to keep you moving faster, lighter and smoother.
  • Anti bacteria insole – keeping feet free of funk is what makes the Vans trainer best suited for adrenaline junkies. The specialist anti bacteria insole is designed to keep feet healthy and protected so you can skate for longer.
  • Vans Original WAFFLE Outsole – safety always comes first with Vans and the original WAFFLE bottom gives you great grip with your skateboard. Made twice as thick as any other shoe, the WAFFLE sole will last and last, no matter how much time you spend at the skate park.
  • PRO VULC Single Wrap Construction – comes with Ultra Cush Lite Footbeds for reduced weight and increased responsiveness. This technology combines tough canvas that is as robust as leather yet as lightweight as humanly possible.
  • ImpactSorb® gel heel pads the best protection even during high impact landings. The molded polyurethane footbeds provide the highest level of cushioning in the Pro Skate range and the Pro Youth range.

Pro Skating Shoes for Youths and Toddlers

Skating is a sport which starts from a young age and it’s the young and ambitious skate park skaters who usually come out shining as pros in later life. Vans recognise that talent starts with the younger generation which is why they offer a Youth Pro range and even a range for toddlers.