Why Pilates Is An Integral Part Of Extreme Sports Training


Extreme sports are incredibly dangerous. Whether you are a downhill mountain biker, a motocross rider or a snowboarder; you are at constant risk of injury. Not only are you constantly risking being injured, but you need to train hard in order to perform to your full potential.

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Many people from the outside looking in completely underestimate what it takes to be an extreme sports athlete. After all there is only so far natural talent can take you when it comes to these sports. After this point, it all comes down to training and physical conditioning.

What is Pilates?

It is quite surprising to hear that not many people are actually incorporating Pilates into their extreme sports training. Although most sports involve a certain level of strength, they mainly require flexibility and the ability to endure; something which Pilates teaches. Essentially, Pilates involves exercising in a similar way to yoga and each individual is expected to spend around 30-60 minutes on stretching and core body strength. This method of exercise is only effective if it is completed on a regular basis; at least once per week.

What Are The Benefits For An Athlete?

Pilates helps with strength, but not in the way most people expect. Strength isn’t about lifting hugely heavy weights. All that does is intensely focus on a small percentage of the muscles in the body. Most new extreme sports athletes will explain that after their first event, they found they were using muscles that they have never used before. It is not the strength of the biceps or the calves that counts. What does count is the collective strength of all of their muscles; their core body strength. Our expert practitioners of Pilates in London is suitable for everyone, young or old with whatever fitness or body shape.

There are also long term health benefits that come from exercising in this way. Strong abdominal tone and increased pelvic floor strength mean that an athlete is much less prone to injury. This is also helped along by the fact that they will experience better spinal posture; this will be a huge benefit later on in life.

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Where Can You Work Out?

You can work out either at home or at a local gym; there are plenty of classes on a daily basis throughout the world. If you are working out at home there are only a few things that you need such as an instructional DVD and a yoga mat. If you do workout at home you need to be disciplined. Try and work towards doing two 45 minute sessions every single week to see the maximum benefit.

What Else Can Work Alongside Pilates For Athletes?

Alongside Pilates, extreme sports athletes should be working on cardiovascular endurance. This means getting involved with activities such as running, swimming and cycling. Most athletes find that the extra exercise that they are doing with Pilates actually helps them to perform at a much higher intensity level when they are cardio training. This helps to create a rounded athlete that is more than ready for competition.

The great thing about this as a method of exercise is there is hardly any expense. All an athlete needs are a few products from a company such as Lion Trading to get started.