Zoo York Blue Print Heritage Complete Skateboard Review


Zoo York Blue Print Heritage Complete SkateboardZoo York have long been one of the hot names on the lips of anyone who follows skating and skateboarding fashion, so it should come as no surprise that we are taking a keen interest in just what is coming out of their stable right now. Zoo York are perhaps best known for their stylish clothing ranges, and their products have always focused on looking good and lasting well.

Founded by pro skaters Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan and Adam Schatz, Zoo York was always going to be popular with high profile skaters, but amateurs looking to buy the freshest products are the ones who have made this brand fly. Thanks to their skateboarding heritage, quality of products has always been high on the agenda, and that is reflected within their range today.


  • Hard Rock Maple 7 Ply
  • 31.39 X 7.6 Special Non Slip Grip
  • 127mm Aluminium Trucks cast with Low Profile
  • Soft Cushions and 51mm 99A ZY3 Wheels

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Pros and Cons of Zoo York Blue Print Heritage Complete Skateboard

If you’re into skating, then there’s every chance that you are going to know the name Zoo York, and there’s also every chance that you will immediately recognise it as a name that means quality and style in equal measure. The Blue Print Heritage set up does not let the company down. From the first ride, it is smooth, supple with plenty of pop, but with a sense of the hard wearing future this board will undoubtedly deliver.

Set up to be relatively forgiving and hard wearing, the Blue Print sits on 51mm Urethane wheels, and is constructed from the highest quality Hardrock Maple, which gives flex, pop but a firm feel which will ensure that the board lasts its full life span. The low profile trucks are strong as an Ox and will provide any skater with the platform for performing even the most outrageous moves which pile a whole load of pressure on the board.

Whether you are new to skating and just looking to carve it up in your local neighbourhood, or you are planning to hit the closest skate park and bust some air off the top of the vert ramp, you can be confident in the performance of this deck. Thankfully it looks as good as it performs, so you’ll be the envy of the other skaters, no matter where you go.

Final Thoughts

Zoo York have done what everyone would expect of them – produced a full set up that gets people out on the board with the minimum fuss and the maximum style. Retaining high quality along with an affordable price, this is quality skateboarding for the masses. The graphics on the underside of the bar might not last long if you are a fan of rail slides and grinds, but for as long as it’s intact, it looks great! The Zoo York Blue Print Heritage Complete Skateboard set up is everything you could possibly need to enter the world of skating.