How to Choose the Right Mountain Bike


If you’re thinking of finding yourself a mountain bike, then there’s a lot to think about. A good bike is different for every rider, and understanding what sort of bike you need takes time and thought. There are so many different types of bikes, and such a huge range of prices to choose from out there. Take your time, and follow this handy guide to help you to purchase the right one first time around!

mountain bike

How Much Can You Spend?

The first question you have to ask yourself is what you can realistically afford to spend? Once you have an idea of this, you’ll soon start to find your choices diminishing, which is actually a good thing. A completely blank canvas in terms of price is going to mean months and months of searching for the right bike! If you know that your budget is £400 or under, then it’s not such a difficult chore.

To find the right price, you need to know how much money you have in your bank not just for the bike itself, but also any extras that might have to be purchased, such as helmets, gloves, protective clothing and lights. Obviously you can expect better quality for a higher price, but don’t spend more than you can afford, especially if you are planning to buy a bike using credit.

Style and Need

These two things really go together, but need should come first. If you’re going to be taking your bike off road in a big way, then you need something that can handle that sort of action, even if you prefer the more conservative styling’s of a hybrid bike. Equally, if you are planning to spend more time on the road than off it, and just need something that can take you along a simple trail every now and again, then buying a big chunky mountain bike with more suspension than a flexi bus is not going to do you too many favours when you’re struggling to keep up with traffic. Think carefully about what you want to look like on your bike matches up to what you actually want to do with it. It has to be function over style every time.

Correct Bike Size

There are probably thousands of riders out there who are riding bikes that aren’t the right fit for them. The first thing a badly sized bike can do is to lead you to injury. If you have any problems with your back, or your legs, then it is absolutely essential that you get the right size bike for your body. Your bike and your body need to work together if you want to ride well, so a good fit is vital. You will find a huge range of bike sizing guides online, and it’s quite easy to make sure you’re looking for the right size. The problem comes when someone sees a bike that is perfect for them, apart from the size, and they think they can make do. As much as anything else, having a bike that is well setup will allow you to be comfortable while you are riding, which obviously means you get a lot more out of the sport.

Does It Excite You?

We can talk about the technicalities all day, but ultimately, you need to fall in love with a bike if you can. If the frame of the bike speaks to you, if you can do nothing but imagine just how great you’re going to feel riding a certain bike even before you’ve bought it, then you know you’ve probably seen the right bike.

Servicing and Insurance

Of course, once you have spent out on the right bike, it’s essential that you look after it. After all, a good bike these days does not come cheap. Firstly, you should make sure that you engage in a regular servicing contract with a local shop, and secondly, you should look into getting some insurance from a reputable company like Protect Your Bubble, who will be able to provide you with insurance that properly covers you. Once you’ve got a decent bike, you’re at risk from damage from accidents, loss and of course theft, which is a rising problem all over the country.

Overall, when you are buying a bike, you have to go with your gut instinct. By all means fall in love with a bike, but if it is the wrong size, or it’s out of your budget, or if it’s just the wrong sort of bike for you, you have to be ready to walk away. Falling in love with a bike is good, but it has to fit into the parameters that you should have set at the start of your bike hunt!