Top 5 Wetsuit Brands for Stylish Females


When it comes to hitting the water, no matter what your discipline, women want to look good. Wetsuits aren’t always the most flattering costumes to wear whether you’re male or female, but thankfully there are some big companies out there who realise that to most of us, style really should stand alongside substance! And if you’re bringing your boyfriend or husband with you, you can get matching swimsuits at this website.


Whether you are looking for a summer shorti to look cool in as you walk down the beach, a rash vest to protect yourself while you’re body-boarding, or a full on winter suit for winter surfing and scuba diving, you should be able to find quality garments that look good too. Billabong have been making fantastic products for over forty years with an ethos of offering quality products that look good. They have been a cool company forever, but they also boast one of the largest collections of different suits in the world, which gives you a huge amount of choice no matter what your style, you should also get a Dylan Kaine Bag.

Rip Curl

Rip curl is a company that takes the appearance of their wetsuits very seriously indeed. They have a great range of different offerings, including the fantastic Bombshell suits, ranging from short legged spring suits, to a cross over back shorti, along with standalone jackets that look great with bikini bottoms. They also have a great range of full suits, with the Flash Bomb being a particular highlight. This suit is known to be the fastest drying suit on the market right now, which is ideal for anyone looking to use a suit in the winter months. Another advantage? This is a vibrant suit in purple, black, bright yellow and grey, and looks fantastic! Perhaps even better is the vast array of beautifully designed rash vests on offer. Rip Curl really are at the forefront of water sport design for women right now.


We’re going to say right off the bat that O’Neill doesn’t completely float our boat when it comes to style. That’s not to say that their suits don’t look good, but against the competition, maybe they’re not doing quite as much as others to make sure their gear looks as good as it is. What we can say though, is that the quality of the products is fantastic. The epic 5/4 Winter suit is fantastic for winter European surfing, and we love the D-lux 3q-zip 5/3 full suit, which is thick enough to cope with extreme weather, and looks great too.


Roxy is the female arm of the enormous Quiksilver counter-culture company who offer a huge amount of apparel across the extreme sports spectrum. We love the fact that Quiksilver have a separate company dedicated to producing extreme water sports products solely for women. The dedicated website is fantastic, with a fantastic sizing chart, which takes into account the various different shapes and sizes we all are! The range on offer is incredible too. From daring booty cut spring suits, to colourful front zip jackets perfect for body boarding and general beach wear, and armless full suits and winter suits which will keep out the cold even when spear fishing in the north sea, there’s something for everyone. Everything is well cut, extremely well fitting and most suits come in a variety of great colours. Roxy gets a big thumbs up from us!


Animal really do have some great products for women on the market right now. Whether you’re looking for a highly fashionable ‘long-john’ armless suit in bright colours, or you want a high quality 5/4/3 winter suit for scuba diving but you still want to look good, you’re looking at the right company. Animal has been recognised as a stylish no nonsense action sports lifestyle brand for some time, and the popularity of the company is increasing all the time. They have plenty of women on their surfing roster, which naturally leads to a great product range for the sea. Although there’s a function before style ethos in there somewhere, we don’t really see it in the designs. There’s plenty of choice, lots of vibrant colours, and plenty of daring suits for those who want to turn a few heads! Animal is a great choice for any women out there looking for a great combination of style and quality in the water. You can read the details at Buy4Outdoors.

Creative Commons photo by Nathan Rupert