Is it Possible to Bet on Extreme Sports Events?


We have come a long way as a species and we now rule the world by using our brains almost exclusively, which allows us to stay out of harm’s way. While we no longer expose ourselves to danger as we did in the past, some of us still seek the adrenaline rush that extreme sports offer. Done properly and under professional supervision, these out-of-the-ordinary activities provide the thrills we are looking for without jeopardizing our wellbeing. In terms of betting, finding betting sites uk back then was quite difficult because there weren’t many places that allowed sports betting.

Some extreme sports are basically riskier versions of traditional sport or routine activities, whilst others were created specifically to appeal to adrenaline junkies. What they have in common is that they require great skills and perseverance, as they have a steep learning curve. Most extreme sports remain obscure and are practiced by a small group of courageous individuals; others gain a lot of traction and their popularity rises when promoted by the media, such as during the Olympics. That is the time, too, when betting companies such as William Hill, typically offer odds on the widest range of sports.

For example, there are not many base jumping or cliff jumping events to wager on, as there are no official competitions. These sports involve climbing on remote mountains or jumping from fixed objects wearing nothing more than a wingsuit. The parachute is only used as a last resort, or when the action-packed descent comes to an end. For example, with cliff jumping, where participants have no strings attached and wear no suit. They simply plunge from incredible heights into water and the most talented and experienced athletes also perform intricate moves while in freefall.

Water sports can get extreme too and the best examples are bodyboarding and whitewater racing where people ride rectangular pieces of hydrodynamic foam, or specialized canoes and kayaks.

There are other sports many would consider extreme but have a wide following and are featured by bookies on a regular basis. These include supercross and motocross to freestyle motocross.  In terms of typically winter sports, skateboarding is another shining example of an extreme sport that occasionally makes appearances on betting lists, unlike a sport with a small but solid following, snowkiting.

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have extreme sports that are so popular, like extreme skiing and snowboarding, that they are considered for the Winter Olympics. Freestyle skiing and snowboarding are already there and they draw big crowds, comparable to conventional events such as Super G or Downhill.  Many bookmakers will allow bets to be placed on these kinds of competitions, and you will find numerous different betting options available to you.

The bottom line is that there are a variety of extreme sports that are practiced by a select group of people throughout the year. Mastery requires innate qualities and thousands of hours of practice, but they are enjoyed by virtually everyone seeking an adrenaline rush.  And for those of us who prefer watching the sports to taking part, there are still ways to make the sports more exciting without risking our lives.

Creative Commons photo by Camp of Champions