Top Five Reasons to Install a Wakeboard Tower


Wakeboard towers are one of the more popular pieces of equipment for wakeboarders who are looking to further develop their skills, especially as they relate to getting airborne. If you have ever ridden without a tower, you know the feeling of being pulled down before you reach the apex of your jump. A wake tower increases your hang time and ensures that you are not being pulled down unnecessarily, so consider this reason along with these other reasons for installing your own wake tower:

  • Aftermarket towers are well-constructed
  • Simple installation
  • Exceptional longevity
  • Increased space

If you really want to take your riding to the next level, a wakeboard tower is an essential piece of equipment.

Aftermarket Towers Are Well-Constructed

There are many aftermarket towers that are constructed out of strong materials; Big Air Wake Towers for example, offers a variety of stylish towers that will increase your confidence as you ride. This also ensures that you are able to get the greatest performance out of the tower and out of yourself.

Increased Hang Time

The most obvious benefit to adding a tower is the increased hang time that is generated through the use of an elevated and central tow point. Not only is this able to enhance your wakeboarding experience, but it is also able to greatly improve performance in waterskiing and barefooting as well.

Installation Is Simple

The installation of a wakeboard tower is fairly simple and does not require any complex tools. In fact, it is very likely that you are already equipped with the tools you need for installation if you have a reversible drill somewhere in your home. Most of the towers are quite versatile in terms of fit as well, as they can fit on boats with a variety of widths.

Long-Lasting Wakeboarding Fun

The simple fact of the matter is that wakeboard towers last for a long time. This is due to the fact that they are constructed out of some of the strongest materials available, enhancing the longevity and performance capability of these towers. Stainless steel towers and aluminum towers each have their benefits in terms of both longevity and strength.

Added Space for Racks, Speakers and Lighting

Many of the available towers are capable of not only increasing your hang time while wakeboarding, but also increasing your level of fun as well. These towers are frequently able to provide added space for more wakeboards, speakers, lighting, or even IP68 / Nema 6P enclosures which in turn creates more space on the boat. Generating more space on the boat and more space for wakeboards results in the ability to accommodate more riders in a single session, which is always more fun.

Tower Construction

Different towers can be mounted on your boat in different locations depending on their design and your individual preference. Some types can be mounted on the top surface of your boat, others will be best mounted on the side hull, and still others can be secured under the deck. Some have a little flexibility on where they can be placed. If your boat has less than 3/8-inch hulls, you will need to reinforce it in order to safely install a tower.

Safety and functionality should always trump everything else, but finding a design that works safely on your boat should be relatively easy with the various towers available today. Ultimately, if you make these considerations when buying a tower, you will end up with one you love and can use for years on end.

Creative Commons photo by Louish Pixel